What To Say When A Client Tells You ‘No’

What To Say When A Client Tells You 'No'

When pitching something new to a customer or client, you can’t let the fear of hearing a no hold you back. Of course, getting a negative response doesn’t mean you’re done with the idea either. Dropping the conversation could cause you to miss out on other big opportunities found by being flexible. Instead of badgering the client or taking no as their final answer, open up opportunities for conversation by asking why they declined your idea or offer.

This trick works well whether you keep getting turned down for pitches or can’t get a client on board with changes needed to a project’s scope. Even if you can’t use the knowledge they give you to fix the issues with them, you can put it to good use when approaching someone else about a similar subject. What you learn from clients that say no is often more valuable than anything you find out from someone who approves every suggestion you make.

Be willing to negotiate when you make an offer too. You might already know what your bottom line is for fees or deadlines, but it’s worth being flexible if it gets you a yes instead of a no. Find out how to handle a decline to improve your pitching abilities.  Continue reading . . .