VTL Associates Closes Growth Capital Investment

Philadelphia, PA  (Profitable.com)  VTL Associates, LLC, an independent investment advisory and consulting firm, has received an investment from Suzhou Industrial Park Kaida Venture Capital, an international venture capital firm based in Dalian, China. The growth capital will be used to support the expansion of RevenueShares, a division of VTL that provides revenue-weighted exchanged-traded funds (ETFs).

RevenueShares plans to aggressively develop a global family of funds utilizing VTL’s methodology of weighting known indexes by top-line company revenue rather than market capitalization. In addition to new products, RevenueShares will expand its staff and marketing efforts for the firm’s six existing ETF products.

“Suzhou Industrial Park Kaida Venture Capital is headquartered in the fastest growing economy in the world. Mr. Yulong Wang, chairman of Suzhou Industrial Park Kaida Venture Capital, is a pioneer who has developed successful businesses throughout China and is now investing in growth opportunities in the United States,” said Vince Lowry, chairman of VTL Associates. “Both VTL and Suzhou Industrial Park Kaida Venture Capital believe the revenue-weighted investment approach will gain rapid acceptance globally as research on fundamental indexing continues to demonstrate its efficacy.”

“VTL Associates is a dynamic company led by an insightful team leader, Mr. Vincent Lowry. With a variety of ETF products in the market, VTL has demonstrated the ability to create something exciting that potentially increases the asset value of investors,” said Mr. Wang. “Revenue-weighted ETFs are an effective way to reduce potential investor loss to the lowest level during economic downturns, and yet capture market gains in a flourishing economy. I trust VTL’s management team and its revenue-weighted ETF products and look forward to making an impact on the ETF market globally.”

Launched in 2008, RevenueShares is the only ETF sponsor that uses top-line company revenue as the sole means of weighting S&P indexes. The firm’s current ETF lineup includes:

By focusing on a single measure such as revenue, RevenueShares aims to provide investors with a complementary and enhanced method to own popular S&P Indexes with all the benefits of traditional indexing: broad market exposure, transparency and low cost.

About VTL Associates

VTL has more than 60 years of combined investment consulting experience spanning the full spectrum of clients’ needs. The firm provides innovative ideas, revolutionary concepts and detailed research, along with traditional investment approaches to ultimately find the best investment program for our clients.

VTL has been at the forefront of developing custom indexes for both fundamental equity indexes, and custom liability indexes for fixed income. The development of custom indexes blends the best of both worlds: low costs with alpha-producing methodologies. VTL provides its clients with asset allocation models that include most known asset classes, including all the asset classes utilized by PACT.

About Suzhou Industrial Park Kaida Venture Capital

Suzhou Industrial Park Kaida Venture Capital is a China-based private equity firm specializing in funding potential companies from the high-tech and financial sector. Led by a team of seasoned managers, the firm is able to identify investment opportunities and bring managerial expertise to its clients, which are mostly market leaders in China’s burgeoning markets. Since 2012, the firm has been re-shaping its strategy to emphasize focus on U.S. companies with perceived profits in the long run.