VIE Partners Announces Advanced Cost Reduction Training Program for Companies

VIE Partners, the nation’s leading provider of cost reduction services, cost management services and cost reduction business courses, is pleased to announce its June 2013 advanced cost reduction training program.

Wall, NJ  (  VIE Partners has served corporations and organizations throughout the world in delivering cost reduction and cost improvement services for over 14 years and achieving real financial results for their clients. Now, in addition to offering superior cost reduction services, VIE also provides organizations to learn from their expense reduction experts and their proven strategies in an upcoming training program from June 17, 2013 to June 21, 2013.

Due to market demand, VIE Partners, announces its Certified Advanced Expense Reduction Specialist Training Program that is a distance learning program for company employees to learn business cost reduction strategies and cost improvement techniques within 18 comprehensive training modules which covers every aspect of what a company purchases for their business operations.

“These are the same strategies, tool, ideas, systems and processes we utilize every day that save our clients millions of dollars each year” says Lisa T. Miller, VIE’s founder and CEO.

VIE’s advanced cost reduction business training is specialized knowledge not taught anywhere. And in this “new economy” it is absolutely essential for businesses of all sizes to learn how to reduce business expenses effectively.

“We provide a comprehensive and advanced expense reduction training program so that business leaders and employees will learn how to uncover costs associated with doing business that can be reduced or eliminated entirely while maintaining or increasing the overall efficiency, productivity and profitability of their business” says George Malik, VIE’s COO and supply chain leader for over 30 years.

VIE’s learning resources offering includes various types of digital assets including:

  •     Video –interactive training videos, informal interviews, and live training webinars
  •     Audio – podcasts and audio tracks
  •     Infographics
  •     Proven Research – cost reduction case studies & white papers on cost management
  •     Lean sigma cost reduction training

VIE’s certification training in advanced expense reduction strategies will create immediate cost reductions, cost containment awareness and measurable savings— which are guaranteed. One of the unique aspects about VIE’s training program is that it comes with a “real-results” guarantee. Every employee that completes the training is guaranteed to deliver to their own company at least $100,000 in cost savings.

To learn more about cost reduction business training programs by VIE Partners, the world leader in expense reduction strategies, go to: or call Jenny Malik at 732-359-7646 Ext 515.