U.S. Based Abanacle Mobility Announces New Mobile Development and Assembly Facility Based in South Florida

Miami, FL  (Profitable.com)  Abanacle Mobility announced today the opening of a new product assembly and distribution center for encrypted mobile devices in South Florida.

Developed through a partnership with Isaac Daniel Group Management International (IDGMI) – experts in emerging technology – the new secure mobile devices will be designed, engineered and built in the United States, with parts manufactured in ITAR approved countries.

In a commitment to U.S. job creation, Abanacle Mobility will hire skilled workers from the South Florida community; and implement technology and hardware designs from its Cyber-Technology incubator – also based in South Florida. The facility is planned to be up and running by end of year 2013.

Workers will be employed by HSDI Technologies in collaboration with IDGMI, and jobs will range from entry level roles to engineering.

“We will be partnering with manufacturers in the nearby countries. Proximity to our Florida center and accessibility to our Florida-based engineers will help us to keep our supply chain flexible and development agile,” said Isaac Daniel, CEO of IDGMI.

Built with security in mind, the mobile platform of the new devices will have dual modes: normal and secure. The user can select which mode they want their mobile platform to run. Normal mode is intended for everyday use. Secure mode is for accessing sensitive data or to operate in a protected environment. These devices provide a high level of encryption with direct mobile-to-mobile e-mails without the use of third party browsers – keeping business files and intellectual property secure.

Mobile devices will be supported by Abanacle Software Security Suite. All communications that are sent or received will be encrypted. All data stored on the mobile platform in secure mode will be encrypted and stored separately to maintain security.

“Our mobile devices are based on the Android OS, an agile platform which will provide a pathway to integrate future technology,” said Chris Oei, Senior Security Architecture Engineer for Abanacle.

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About Abanacle:

Abanacle Corporation – a consortium engaged in joint-ventures with partners in the technology and service industries, is based in Washington, D.C. with a branch office in Miami, FL, and customer support operations worldwide.