Tips for Consumers Who Have Back Taxes or Tax Debt

Tax Resolution Services, Co., the Nation’s Leading Tax Negotiation and Mediation Firm®, has additional advice to The IRS’s advisory list of ten tips for taxpayers who owe back taxes or have other tax debt which was published last week in their newsletter. The IRS, looking to collect every cent of taxes owed, shared advice including: get a loan to pay the back-tax debt in full; pay the tax debt off with a credit card, as the interest charged might be less than the accruing IRS penalties and interest; pay through electronic funds transfer; or consider changing your W-4 Employee’s Withholding allowance to pay down the tax debt.

All involve paying back the full amount owed, which might be cold comfort for those consumers who, for any number of reasons, failed to file due to an inability to pay their taxes and are not in any position to adhere to any of the IRS’s suggestions.

Tax resolution professionals, do not disagree with the IRS’ advice, however, say that there is a big caveat. Michael Rozbruch, founder and CEO of Tax Resolution Services, Co., an expert in tax problem resolution says, “If you have unfiled tax returns or owe the IRS back taxes, it’s important to figure out what your best IRS tax relief options are – consider getting professional advice from a tax resolution specialist.”

Hiring a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist or tax attorney specializing in tax indebtedness issues can be a prudent move, particularly in educating the consumer about one’s rights and options. The IRS offers different programs, such as Partial Pay Installment Agreements (PPIAs) which are regular payments over a set time, and Offers in Compromise (OIC), both of which can significantly reduce the total amount owed, for those who qualify.

Wading through this sea of regulations, rules, protocol and paperwork, however, can be daunting for most taxpayers. Tax professionals who can analyze an individual’s back-tax issues and help advocate a resolution with the IRS can significantly reduce a consumer’s tax burden. “There is a solution to every problem,” Rozbruch says. “The right tax resolution professional can find that solution while helping ensure you don’t pay a penny more than you have to.”

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