ThinkOptimal Releases OptimalInterview PRO

The first fully customizable, enterprise-wide interview practice solution

Durham, NC  (  ThinkOptimal today announced the release of OptimalInterview PRO, the professional version of its popular interview practice product now used at more than five hundred secondary and higher education institutions and workforce boards. OptimalInterview PRO gives organizations the ability to record their own practice interview questions and web-based coaching, providing unlimited flexibility for career centers that assist diverse job seeker audiences.

“With OptimalInterview PRO, there’s no requirement to build practice interviews using pre-recorded questions provided by the vendor,” said Dave McNasby , ThinkOptimal CINO. “It’s the first interview practice product that allows enterprises to develop their own interview questions and coaching. Now our clients can take full control of the interview practice experience and deliver 100% customized interview training to every job seeker.”

OptimalInterview PRO gives career advisors and workforce professionals the ability to video or audio record interview questions and coaching to prepare job seekers for phone screenings, digital meetings, and face-to-face employer interviews. They can organize their questions and coaching into unique interview types and subtypes, with the option to include pre-recorded content from OptimalInterview’s proprietary database of more than one thousand frequently asked job interview questions.

Job seekers use their webcam to record, review, and polish interview responses, and they can share practice interviews with career services professionals for immediate feedback. Questions and coaching are accessible from all iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, so job seekers can access OptimalInterview PRO anytime, anywhere.

“The beauty of OptimalInterview PRO is that it’s fully integrated with our other award-winning career tools on a secure, branded website we provide each organization. Job seekers love the convenience of being able to do everything in one place, from resumes to cover letters to interview practice,” McNasby said.

“OptimalInterview PRO is a great way to involve stakeholders throughout the enterprise in mock interviewing,” McNasby said. “Career centers can set up recording access for faculty, alumni, employers, community members, or anyone who wants to lend their interviewing experience and expertise.” Administrators can also get detailed, question-by-question statistics to see which questions are most helpful and most popular.

For more information about OptimalInterview PRO, please contact ThinkOptimal at (877) 998-7654 or email

About ThinkOptimal

ThinkOptimal is nationally recognized as a leading provider of online career services. Its flagship product, Optimal Resume delivers innovative tools to leading educational institutions to assist them in preparing their enrollees for career advancement. Selected as a Top Career Tool in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Tools for America’ Job Seekers Challenge, Optimal Resume is installed at over 500 institutions and is used by 2 million individuals. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, ThinkOptimal has quickly established itself as the leader in productivity applications for job seekers in the United States and Canada.