There’s a New Way to Cook for Your Whole Family Outside: The First Full Size Grill That Folds Small Enough to Fit in a Pocket, The Pocket Grill

The Pocket Grill™ is the world’s largest portable grill that folds up small enough to fit in your pocket. It has an almost 2 ft. by 1 ft. cooking surface, so it’s easy to cook for an entire group. “Grilled food is the secret to not just surviving but enjoying the outdoors,” says Pocket Grill creator Benjamin Ashpole, a former Department of Defense engineering contractor and avid outdoorsman. “Because the Pocket Grill is the smallest folding grill ever built, people can now cook more foods in more places, more easily.”

The secret that makes the Pocket Grill so compactible? Patent-pending hinges that let it fold up without wasting space. Every family of park-goers, campers, hikers, fishermen, bikers, hunters, climbers, and beach-goers can carry this highly portable grill comfortably, making it easier to focus on fun and food.

By placing the Pocket Grill over an open fire, an outdoor enthusiast can cook meals otherwise not possible. “I spent almost three years designing the Pocket Grill to be the best way to cook meat, vegetables, and even dessert in the great outdoors,” says Mr. Ashpole. It has a bidirectional grate that reduces the chance of food falling through, and the Pocket Grill’s features include:

  • nearly 2’ x 1’ cooking surface
  • legs adjustable up to 15” tall
  • ability to hold up up to 10 pounds
  • finely spaced grate
  • set-up in under a minute
  • dishwasher safety
  • machine washable carrying pouch
  • specially written cookbook

The Pocket Grill can also be set up inside a fireplace or, for improved sanitation, over top of existing grills at parks and campgrounds. Even at cookouts, some prefer to have a separate, clean cooking surface suitable to their dietary preferences.

The Pocket Grill folds up smaller, but unfolds larger, than any other grill. It’s easier to assemble than other ultraportables, and it is even dishwasher safe. Also, the finely-spaced light-weight grate allows you to cook more kinds of food– food that would otherwise fall through a regular grill.

The Pocket Grill is only available through Kickstarter and only until Friday, September 9, 2011. Kickstarter is a way for aspiring new projects like Pocket Grill to get off the ground. They take pre-orders and help projects like this one raise production funds — a brave new alternative to the approach of raising funding from investors.