The Barrel Rack introduces the Wine Bar

The Barrel Rack has developed a new twist on the old barrel. The Wine Bar is the latest innovation from the Reno, Nevada-based company whose patented Barrel Rack design turns recycled wine barrels into distinctively different wine racks. Chet Bassetti, the company’s CEO and inventor, created the new Wine Bar design that includes a Barrel Rack that holds 18 bottles, legs from wine barrel staves, a glass top and a stemware rack that accommodates 15 wine glasses beneath.

“We listen closely to our customers, and some of them asked for a solution to their limited counter space,” said Chet Bassetti. “Our Wine Bar is that answer; it not only is the platform for the barrel wine rack, it offers additional space on the glass top for decorations or as a cozy bar, plus the wine glass holder makes it a complete and elegant solution,” he added. Feedback from customers has been excellent, according to Bassetti. “We were taking orders before we even released the product!” he said.

Chet Bassetti and Diane Bassetti, his wife and business partner, have been making and selling the Barrel Rack wine storage containers since he developed the original design in 2007. He received patent approval (US Patent number 7922015) in April, 2011.

The Barrel Rack wine bottle storage unit comes in two sizes: one-third barrel, accommodating 18 bottles, and one-half barrel, holding 36 bottles. The barrels can be stacked to provide hundreds of bottles of storage. The products are used by individuals to create unique storage solutions while adding the ambiance of the wine country to their homes. They are popular as wedding and holiday gifts. The Barrel Rack system also is used by wine shops and retail stores as a more aesthetic way to store and display wines than industrial-type racks.

The Barrel Rack’s products are marketed on their website. The Wine Bar retails for $577; the Barrel Rack wine bottle storage units retail for $327 for the one-third barrel and $397 for the one-half barrel design (plus shipping). For more information about the Barrel Rack wine storage products, visit, email customercare(at)thebarrelrack(dot)com or call 775-622-1363.