Tap 4 Tots – Children’s iPhone App Makes Learning Fun

Tap 4 Tots - Children's iPhone App Makes Learning FunBeverly Hills, CA  (Profitable.com)  Today, Tap 4 Tots is celebrating its 5000th download.

To celebrate, the makers of this iPhone app specifically designed for kids have put it on special for one week.

Sam, who is both a father and the man behind the idea of Tap 4 Tots, said that:

“My children inspired me to come up with an app that was both fun and entertaining, but most importantly something they would learn from.”

“I knew I had a great idea when we created a test version of the app, and my 6 year old son took to it like a duck to water.”

“What really impressed me is that within an hour, my son knew 5 words in Chinese.”

This simple gem of an application targets the tender learning ages of 6 months up to 8 years, and teaches young children the words for our facial features. Touch the mouth of the cute monkey for instance, and hear the word for “mouth”.

Sam continues: “This is exactly what Tap 4 Tots is, nourishment for a growing brain, but in a fun game. Not only do your children learn quickly, but they learn in 7 different languages too!”

“Tap 4 Tots will help your children learn words in English, Greek, Cantonese, Mandarin, Italian, Arabic and Bahasa”, Chris says.

Chris, who helped develop Tap 4 Tots with Sam said: “Have you ever wondered why some parents teach their children to play chess or play a musical instrument from a very young age? Because their brains are like sponges at this age, and the more they learn today, the more they know tomorrow.”

Sam explains that: “It’s very satisfying to be in an industry that gives parents like me the opportunity to develop such child-friendly apps, and make them available to parents around the world using a platform like the iPhone and the iPad.”

Tap 4 Tots was ranked No 1 by Apple as New and Noteworthy app under the iPhone Education category

Tap 4 Tots is available in a free version and paid version from iTunes worldwide.

To get your copy, visit iTunes today and search for Tap 4 Tots or click on the links below.

Paid Version

Free Version