Ready to Help Americans Prepare During National Preparedness Month Ready to Help Americans Prepare During National Preparedness MonthHow prepared is your family and home for handling a serious natural disaster, interruption of  regular services or other important emergencies? It’s time to check your first aid kits and make a plan for putting aside canned foods and bottled water. September is National Preparedness Month for 2011. The extreme and life-disrupting tornadoes, flooding, wildfires and earthquakes that have destroyed homes in Alabama, New York and Texas further illustrate the importance of emergency preparedness. Even if you think your family is prepared, taking a few hours to go over family plans and checking the stored supplies will ensure that no emergency catches you unprepared in 2012.

Natural disasters are increasingly common and are also growing in intensity. People who lived outside of hurricane or earthquake zones used to assume that they were safe, but the food or gas supply in your community can be disrupted by emergencies occurring hundreds of miles away. No matter where you live you need to have basic supplies and practices in place. The Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Centers for Disease Control recommend keeping a 72 hour, or 3 day, supply of basic foods and clean water on hand. A few cans of beans and a gallon of water won’t cut it for a family of four. The weather conditions and heat affect how many calories and how much water each person needs per day.

Purchasing a pre-packed kit of emergency supplies takes the stress out of calculating how much food and water you need, but not all of these kits offer the right supplies. If you don’t have time to calculate the water requirements and you’re unsure about the amount included in a kit, is ready to help. compiles user reviews on nearly all of the emergency preparedness kits you’ll be choosing from. Within a few minutes you can determine which kit best fits your unique needs. Survival-Security covers kits full of food and water, First Aid supply boxes, and other packages of survival equipment as well as individual tools and items.

Putting together your 3 day survival kit ensures that if power is disrupted or your clean water supply is compromised you won’t have to resort to eating dog food or drinking out of the toilet tank. Protect your family by taking “National Preparedness Month” seriously and recruit the help of to make your supply and equipment shopping much easier.

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