Survival. Security. Are You Prepared for the Next Disaster?

Survival. Security. Are You Prepared for the Next Disaster?Earthquakes, flooding, tornadoes and wildfires have dominated news coverage for quite some time now and have led to interrupted home services, water and food shortages, and other emergency situations. If your family and home isn’t supplied with emergency stores of water, food and first aid supplies you may be left totally unprepared if disaster strikes. Families shouldn’t have to huddle in the dark and wait for rescue when keeping an emergency kit stocked in a basement, closet or car can keep you fed and comfortable for 72 hours or more. If you’re trying to develop your own emergency kit, you need the information found on

The Survival-Security website provides the information you need to develop a great and reliable emergency preparedness kit. You may be tempted to buy one of the pre-assembled survival kits, but not all of these kits are worth their price. Some kits include low quality supplies or less food and water than you’ll actually need in an emergency. Survival-Security has compiled information on a variety of emergency supply kits. By pursuing the site you can determine which packages have been designed by professional survival experts and which are a waste of money.

If you enjoy outdoor hobbies like camping, hiking or boating you’ll also need to carry many of the key survival tools with you during these trips as well. A simple fire starter or pocket water purifier is all that stands between you and serious injury or death if you become stranded or lost in the wilderness. To pick the best outdoor survival equipment you need the information available on Survival-Security. Without this information you can easily spend hundreds of dollars on equipment and supplies that break or go bad before you can use them in a real emergency.

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