Sunovis Financial Now Helps Small Business Owners in Indianapolis

Sunovis Financial now assists small business owners gain access to capital in Indianapolis. Capital is essential for growth, but bank financing isn’t always possible, so non-bank Micro Loans are a solution.

San Francisco, CA  (  Access to capital is one of the most vital things a small business owner needs. It is difficult to grow without capital. Unfortunately, bank loans are still a hurdle for many. Either the down payments or collateral requirements are difficult, the business owner credit has suffered during the downturn, or the small bank who may be willing is unable to loan due to new regulations or capital requirements.

Sunovis Financial offers a non-bank cash flow loan, or Micro Loan, to solve this problem. The company now assists small business owners in Indianapolis. Indianapolis is a primary industrial, commercial, and transportation center for the Midwest. Goods produced in the area include food and allied products, furniture, paper and allied products, printing and publishing, chemicals, rubber and plastic products, primary metals, fabricated metal products, electrical and electronics equipment, transportation equipment, medical and optical goods, and even bricks.

“The city is in the midst of a resurgence by all accounts,” says Terry Robinson, President of Sunovis Financial, “and we are helping small business owners be part of that with access to capital.”

Micro Loans are non-bank cash flow loans that are underwritten differently than bank loans. There is no down payment or collateral requirements; business cash flow and the ability to repay are most important. The business must be in operation for at least a year and should have an absolute minimum of $100,000 revenues to apply. Credit scores count less and can be as low as 500. Repayments are typically by daily ACH, which is a “set it and forget it” mode many business owners like.

Sunovis hosts a short webinar for small business owners called “The Inconvenient Truth About Small Business Financing“. There is no obligation to attend, and it is about 15 minutes long to allow for busy schedules of small business owners.

About Sunovis Financial

The mission at Sunovis Financial is to rebuild the U.S. economy, one business and one loan at a time.