Shake Weight Gains Popularity, Certification With Certified Trainers

New York, NY  (  FitnessIQ™ announced today that their groundbreaking workout technology, the Shake Weight™, one of America’s most prominent fitness products that helps men and women shape and tone their arms, shoulders and chest, has achieved accreditation from numerous certifying bodies for use by Certified Trainers in Group Exercise Classes.

Shake Weight, initially launched directly to consumers and being used by millions of American men and women, developed a body sculpting group workout class with celebrity trainer Shawnee Harkins. The body sculpting class was introduced at the Hollywood Boxing Gym and Easton Gym Santa Monica and recently received continuing education certifications from the American Council on Exercise (ACE) and the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) with certification by other respected international organizations expected shortly.

Within weeks of the introduction of Shake Weight at Easton Santa Monica, Shake Weight based workouts combined with the hottest new dance based exercise trend, BOKWA, received certification from the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and the Aerobic and Fitness Associates of America (AFAA). Shake Weight Bokwa was represented at the ACE Fitness Industry Summit in San Diego and at the ECA World Fitness Show earlier this month where it received rave reviews from trainers around the world.

“We are extremely pleased with reaching this milestone and with the acceptance of Shake Weight as a serious workout tool for their clients by Certified Trainers. We believe certified personal trainers are the foundation of the fitness industry and the move to get Americans in shape. FitnessIQ wholeheartedly support any efforts to get more people off the couch and into well structured activity that can reshape their bodies and enhance their wellbeing, whether at home or at their local health club,” said Johann Verheem, CEO of FitnessIQ.

“We are also extremely pleased with our association with BOKWA. It is without a doubt one of the most fun and engaging group workout classes available to certified trainers and their clientele today. When you combine BOKWA with Shake Weight, both programs go to a new level of intensity and fun. Intensity and fun is at the heart of both Shake Weight and BOKWA, so this new workout is a natural fit for us. We expect this new workout to become a popular tool to many certified trainers across the country,” said Verheem.

About FitnessIQ™

FitnessIQ™ is a California based health and fitness company dedicated to bringing innovative, practical and affordable fitness products directly to consumers across the globe. They believe that exercising frequently with the right program and the right equipment brings quality to everyday life. And they believe in bringing products to the market that deliver visible and measurable results in the comfort of your own home. So whether you are getting in shape, staying in shape or simply working out to feel better and increase your energy, FitnessIQ is dedicated to making a difference in the life and health of every one of our customers.

About Shake Weight

Shake Weight® is the revolutionary new way for both men and women to shape and tone your arms, shoulders and chest. Shake Weight® utilizes groundbreaking new workout technology called Dynamic Inertia, which can increase muscle activity nearly 300% compared to a standard dumbbell. The Shake Weight® is available in 2.5 lbs for women at a retail price of $19.95 and 5 lbs for men at a retail price of $29.95. The new Shake Weight® PRO version, featuring adjustable resistance, is now available at $24.95 for women and $39.95 for men.  For more information visit