Retailers now get more returns out of Group Buying platform –

Retailers now get more returns out of Group Buying platform - Group Buying Platform, OfferMe, best known for integrating group buying and online stores, reported its retailers’ online stores are now generating more sales than their daily group buying deals. Retailers can sell group buying deals at a loss or lower profit margin while making money on sales of other products in their online stores.

By having a personalized online shop front -“Me Store” in the OfferMe virtual shopping centre, retailers can use group buying deals as a marketing tool to promote their “MeStore” and promote and sell the full range of their goods and services 24/7 for as little as $35 per month.

“Organic sales growth and visits have doubled compared to 2 months ago before the launch of the online store service,” said Mr. James Wang, Managing Director of OfferMe. “It has exceeded our expectations and a couple of our retailers’ daily sales have increased to $3,000-$5,000.”

“Retailers who join OfferMe are supplied with all the tools, support and strategic marketing advice they need from our dedicated team, our goal is to aggregate not only buyers but also the right knowledge for all our retailers in order to help them stay ahead of the game all the time,” said Mr. Wang.

“We are also in discussions with a number of Australian retail chains who see values in our platform. By having them on board, OfferMe will have a wider range of products and brands and we will create more choice and convenience,” Mr. Wang said. “Customers have different behaviour when they go online, they react to the same brand differently. Australian retailers can win their customers back from sellers overseas, they just need to think more as a consumer and understand why they buy online, it’s more than buying from overseas and saving 10% on GST.”

”Australian consumers are happy to buy from Australian retailers, as long as they are treated as equally important if not more as sellers from other countries,” Mr. Wang added., one of the retailers on OfferMe, has just broken its own record with 1,100 iPad/iPhone’s USB cable sold in half a day. joined OfferMe’s “Make It Happen” ROI driven Group Buy campaign featuring a special deal for one week to secure a minimum number of 999 people to express interest to purchase the deal.

“We were impressed by over 1,000 people registering interest for our deal and therefore we agreed to slash the price,” Mr. Larry Wong, Marketing Manager of “It also significantly drove up overall sales for our online store on OfferMe. We are only a small business but OfferMe optimizes our limited budget and helps us produce a good return in sales.”, one of Australia’s earliest group buying sites, was launched in 2008 to gather the power of online communities to enjoy hassle-free bulk discount deals on products and services. It launched “Me Store” its virtual shopping centre platform in May this year and specialises in delivering a broad range of merchandise including electronics, computers & accessories, bike & accessories, musical instruments, sporting goods, toys, home wares, wines and event tickets. It has recently been short listed as one of the eight finalists for the 2011 Sydney Business Awards, the final winner will be announced in mid Sept.

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