Resume Results Offers Tips for a Successful Job Search

Resume Results Offers Tips for a Successful Job SearchAlmost daily the news paints an even bleaker picture of America’s job crisis.  While many are struggling to find work, employers have discovered that they can be more selective than ever in the hiring process. 

To help with your job search, offers the following tips:

Build a skills inventory. 

Know what you know.  Know which skills you possess and how they best fit the companies you’re applying with. 

Build a strong resume. 

Focus on your accomplishments, not just a list of past employers.  Highlight your profitable contributions and how you’ve made an impact on any areas of sales, costs and bottom line.  Customize your resume so that it speaks to the position you’re applying for.

Research before you interview. 

Never show up for an interview unprepared.  Make sure you’ve done your homework about the company you’re interviewing for.  Know enough about its history, past performance and goals in order to carry on a meaningful conversation.

Maintain professionalism during the interview. 

Show up early, dressed to impress.  Turn your cellphone off.  Smile.  Be courteous, positive and enthusiastic.  Pay attention.  Don’t bad mouth your past employers. 

Know why you should be hired. 

Believe it or not, there are actually people in the job market who think the only reason they should be hired is because they need a job.  Potential employers could care less about that.  What they do want to know, however, is how you will be an asset for their company.  If you’ve done your homework, you should be able to speak confidently about how your past accomplishments will help the company achieve its goals. offers effective resume tips, interview advice and job search help.  For more resume and job search tips and advice, please visit