Restaurant Solutions Inc. Launches New Product to Enhance Workplace Training and Education

RSI University™ provides a “corporate level training environment” to assist with training implementation and improving team member effectiveness in the restaurant industry

Denver, CO  (  Denver-based Restaurant Solutions Inc. launches RSI University, an online program that provides independent and multi-unit restaurant managers with corporate level tools for team member training and effective team management. Believing strongly that a properly trained team member contributes greatly to the bottom line, RSI University provides managers and team members with easy-to-use elements that assist with and simplify the training and evaluation processes.

Created with the consumer in mind, the RSI University  program assists new team members and managers with a customized training and educational platform that is designed for success. Specifically, the program provides ongoing educational opportunities as well as a communications channel between management and team members, effectively tying together individual performance evaluation and contributed margin for menu items.   Restaurant Solutions also provides the proven-effective financial management tools and services that have been assisting with measuring success  for the last 10 years. These tools and services offer assistance in payroll; accounts payable; inventory management; financial reporting; product ordering; and menu engineering.

As stated by Blair Pennington, CEO, “Restaurant Solutions Inc. currently provides a variety of effective management systems and services that assist with profit retention and goal achievement to over 800 restaurants in 38 states. With our extensive experience in the business, it was a natural progression for our programmers to create RSI University. Over the years, we have listened to the needs of our clients and believe that this new system will not only meet these needs, but assist our clients in reaching unanticipated levels of success.”

Specific elements of RSI University include:

  • Team member Dashboard: allows for management to view the progress of team members in the training process and evaluate ongoing performance.
  • Virtual Preshift: element has two main functions:
    •  Easily communicate important announcements (i.e. new menu items, meeting times, etc.) to the entire team via email or text message
    • Determine communications effectiveness by monitoring statistical output and results
  • Butts in Seats: assists with the process of integrating social media into overall marketing strategies. The interface allows the operator to manage all social media endeavors under one umbrella and measure effectiveness by directly tying social media marketing efforts to hard sales.
  • Client Education & Servicing: Corporate-level tools and systems that assist with organizational effectiveness, as well as access to industry professionals with expertise in personnel matters, accounting, and tax related needs to answer questions and provide guidance.
  • Right on Time Scheduling System is an efficient way to manage scheduling by tying together weekly sales forecasts, target labor costs, online schedule posting, and online shift swapping.

 Other features of RSI University include:

  • Option to create customized tests for performance evaluation assigned to appropriate team members through a detailed, built-in job code system.
  • Ability to upload and edit multiple types of files from any internet access location.
  • Ability to embed video files directly into the system, with no redirecting to third-party sites.
  • Option to create customized items to meet specific needs.

For more information about Restaurant Solutions Inc., RSI University or to schedule a demo of the RSI Scheduler, please contact Callie Sheffield, Director of National Brand Development at or 303-458-1204.

About Restaurant Solutions Inc.

Founded in March, 2000, Denver-based Restaurant Solutions Inc. currently supports over 800 restaurants in 38 U.S. states. With a demonstrated success record, Restaurant Solutions Inc. provides a variety of management and services to its clients that assist with retaining higher profits and achieving organizational goals. For more information about Restaurant Solutions Inc. visit or