Restaurant Management Jobs Serve Up Fresh Opportunities for Career Growth

Restaurant Management Jobs Serve Up Fresh Opportunities for Career GrowthYou don’t have to be a great chef to get a well-paying restaurant job. If you’re better at managing workers, coordinating the efforts of multiple departments and handling sticky situations than chopping carrots, consider taking on the role of the restaurant manager. Restaurant or food service managers need to have all of the same management skills as other industries require but must also have knowledge and experience in how a kitchen and dining room should run.

Restaurant management jobs involve all of the day-to-day operations of the restaurant. As the manager you’ll be responsible for ensuring the staff is properly trained, treats each other with respect and keeps on task. You will hire new employees and fire those that aren’t doing their job correctly. The restaurant manager is who coordinates shifts and fills in when the flu keeps half of the kitchen staff at home. On top of this restaurant management jobs also require you to do the basic paperwork of writing out schedules, handling some accountancy responsibilities and signing payroll checks.

Large, full-service restaurants may have a hierarchy of restaurant management. This usually consists of a general manager at the top, followed by a kitchen manager and a dining room manager. The kitchen manager is usually the executive chef, and a dining room manager may also be called a shift manager. Fast food or smaller establishments may just have a general manager and an assistant manager so that all shifts are covered.

Managers may also be responsible for helping the chef set menu items or ordering food supplies and equipment. This is the main part of this restaurant career that makes actual food service experience and training mandatory. If you don’t know how many pounds of chicken the restaurant needs or the differences between a grill and a stove top you’ll need more training before you can manage a restaurant.

The hours that restaurant management jobs require are balanced out by a fair salary. In May of 2008 the average annual salary was $46,000, with a top cap of about $75,000. Positions are constantly opening up across the country. If you can handle the heat of the kitchen you may find restaurant management to be the ideal career for you.

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