Restaurant Consultant Reveals Top 50 Menu Engineering and Design Tips

Addresses issues ranging from colors and fonts to implications of new technologies such as digital menu boards and restaurant industry uses for the iPad.

Restaurant Consultant Reveals Top 50 Menu Engineering and Design Tips Restaurant Consultant Aaron Allen has just published his firms list of the Top 50 Menu Engineering and Design Tips.  Relevant for both independent and chain restaurant operators, the list covers both the scientific and artistic aspects of successful menu strategy and offers advice in the context of the significant emerging issues facing the global industry.

His firms list covers techniques rooted in science – such as the way an eye flows over a menu, how colors can be used to motivate purchases and certain behaviors, and pricing techniques that can help consumers feel better about their perceived value.  The list also covers the “art” of menu design – such as using columns with nested pricing, tips for writing more appealing menu descriptions and copy, and rules of thumb for menu printing and production.

The tectonic plates of the restaurant industry are shifting at a faster rate than they have in decades.  New emerging technologies, globalization, evolving consumer dining behavior, emerging markets and industry segments, food shortages, transformations in psychographics and the rise of Millennial’s – these things are all among the forces that are ushering the industry down the path of its future and are certainly impacting approaches to culinary development as well as menu engineering and design.”, Allen said.

With food commodity prices expected to soar past pre-recession levels this year, restaurant companies around the world are bracing for dramatic shifts in recipe costs and many are responding with new menus.  “We felt this was the best timing to release such a list.  Restaurants operate on razor thin margins with an industry average of just 5% profit.  Procurement executives are expecting 25% and higher spikes in costs and consumers are expecting to pay 8% more in restaurants. The industry is projected to grow by 6% this year, but with menu prices expected to grow by 8% we’re not seeing real growth; it’s growth from price hikes, not volume.  Just a few months with an ill-conceived menu strategy can cost a restaurant its life.  The operating environment is chaotic and we wanted to do our part to help operators focus on proactive approaches before the commodity price roller coaster starts its next accelerated gyration of spirals and loops”, Allen added. 

Aaron Allen’s full list of the Top 50 Menu Engineering and Design Tips can be found on his website at: 

Restaurant Consultant Aaron Allen is a third generation restaurateur who has lead complex and multi-disciplined consulting teams for some of the world’s largest restaurant chains and foodservice industry suppliers.  He is a top drawing industry speaker, trusted analyst, and has been an industry source for media such as The Wall Street Journal, TIME, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Rueters, and National Public Radio.  Based in Orlando, Florida, Allen visits more than 300 restaurants annually and spends more than 300 nights per year in hotels with roughly one-third of his time spent abroad. 

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