Reshaping Physiques One Massage at a Time

A new Boston company is doing its part to fight the battle of the bulge. Since opening several months ago Sound Shapes has collectively dissolved hundreds of inches of body fat from area clients without diet, exercise, anesthesia or surgery. Clients report walking out the door after just one session looking and feeling like they’ve lost several pounds around their midsection or other areas.

Utilizing a newly developed treatment recently approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, Sound Shapes features an entirely non-invasive ultrasound body sculpting technique that provides instant results similar to liposuction without anesthesia, incisions, compression garments, or lengthy recovery time.

Clients who have undergone this groundbreaking treatment compare it to a hot stone massage yet with immediate reduction in problem body areas one would get through invasive surgical techniques. A typical client will reduce their waistline or other areas by as much as an inch in just one session, though multiple sessions are recommended.

“This treatment, called VASER© Shape, is really targeted at the person who eats right, exercises regularly but has some areas of the body that they just can’t improve or aren’t happy with and who isn’t comfortable submitting to invasive reduction techniques,” said Theresa Sapienza-Cote, a licensed nurse and the founder, CEO and president of Sound Shapes LLC.

Sound Shapes is the only Boston-area facility to feature the breakthrough VASER© Shape, which recently received FDA approval for body sculpting and removal of cellulite. The treatment is also effective for skin tightening and spot reducing.

The new technology non-invasively breaks down the fat cells and removes them from the body.

“Our clients go right back to work or home after the treatment and no one knows they’ve had work done,” said Sapienza-Cote. “They are often asked if they’ve been working out or have lost weight.”

More on the breakthrough technology and technique can be found at Sound Shapes’ website at