Reported Health Risks of Neti Pots do Not Extend to All Sinus Rinse Products

Bridgewater, NJ  (  Recent national news reports warning of deaths and potential brain infections from the use of neti pots for sinus rinsing may have resulted in some sinus products being incorrectly associated with those risks.

“While health officials are warning users of neti pots about the potential dangers of improper usage of these devices, a simple and convenient alternative is readily available with a product like OCEAN Complete®,” said Dr. Ken Haller of St. Louis Children’s Hospital. “Because it is a sterile, closed system, risks like those being reported with the Neti Pots should not be an issue and patients will get the benefits of sinus rinsing without worry.”

OCEAN Complete® is a medically sterile, balanced saline sinus rinse pre-mixed in a sealed container that allows consumers to easily and conveniently rinse their sinuses, without the need for mixing, special water requirements or disinfection that is required for safe use of neti pots and other mix-it-yourself sinus rinses.

About OCEAN Complete®

OCEAN Complete® aids in the maintenance of nasal health by providing two delivery options, one for sinus irrigation and another for moisturizing to counteract dry environments. The OCEAN® brand is doctor recommended and available at drugstores and mass retailers nationwide.  Visit for more information.