PsychiatristSites (Websites for Psychiatrists) Announces An eNewsletter Feature Available to All Psychiatrists

With PsychiatristSites eNewsletter feature, psychiatrists can establish and maintain brand identity and increase their patient-base.

Boulder, CO  (Profitable.comPsychiatristSites specializes in creating websites that are engaging, professional, cost-effective, and extremely simple to maintain, and help psychiatrists successfully market and manage their practice online. PsychiatristSites package (with no set-up fees or contracts) includes everything that’s needed for a professional online presence, including Search Engine Optimization, integrated email, editing tools, credit card processing, online appointment notifications, and unlimited technical and customer support. PsychiatristSites announced today that this package will now also include an eNewletter feature.

Newsletter Feature Benefits:

  • Increase email database
  • Match newsletters to current website design
  • Unlimited Customer and technical support
  • One-click editing tools

Did you know 75% of business and buying decisions are based on relationships? By providing patients with regular content, it can create a trustworthy relationship between psychiatrists and patients. With PsychiatristSites, eNewsletter feature, providing regular content to patients on a regular basis is quick and easy. Their one-click editing tools allows psychiatrists to add unlimited photos, announce specials, sell products and provide content about their practice to current and potential patients.

“This new feature provides the cutting edge technology to help psychiatrists reach out to current and potential patients,” says Sara Sims, Director of Business Development for PsychiatristSites. “We believe this feature offers the jewels of website marketing to doctors to grow their practice. The best part of it all is, we’re including this in our all-inclusive website package without raising the $59 a month price!”

Ever wondered how to increase your patient-base without breaking the bank? PsychiatristSites eNewsletter feature allows psychiatrists to establish brand identity and bring in new patients. By using the eNewsletter feature, psychiatrists can get ahead of the competition by using the customizable templates designed to match your website and maintain your brand identity. Branding allows psychiatrists to communicate the specialty of their practice to current and potential patients. With PsychiatristSites all-inclusive website package, psychiatrists can start increasing their patient-base, establish brand identity and maintain regular patient relationships all in place. The best part of it all is it’s included in PsychiatristSites $59/month website package.