Professional Coaching Makes Your Career a Smart Choice and Not an Accidental Nightmare

NEW YORK  (  A successful career is not an accident; it is a result of intelligent choices, and it is achieved one victory at a time, says Five O’Clock Club™ career coach Theodore Henderson. Frustration and dissatisfaction in your job search or career transition should be the exception not the rule. There is a proven process that has worked for Henderson’s clients when implemented and adhered to. He outlines the key components of that process here:

Assess Individual Skills and Interests. Understanding yourself is the first step before making any major life-affecting decisions. Having a system that gives one the ability to do this is key, as values, interests, and what satisfies an individual’s sense of accomplishment will become an empowering part of the job search strategy – not a hindrance.

Select Your Job Targets. By using proven and tested strategies you will be able to understand clearly the industries that fit your “Self-Assessment,” required job function, and the desired geography. Given the highly competitive environment, Henderson believes job-seekers should proactively research and contact potential employers to maximize their access to opportunities – rather than relying on ads, agencies, and networking. He works with each client to define screening criteria to identify opportunities and to determine the optimal method of approaching executives.

Develop the Right Resume. The key to securing interviews for employment opportunities and career advancement is producing a resume that truly positions you in a way the interviewer or hiring manager will see your skills in the best light. The majority of interviewers will see your resume even if they never see you. Henderson believes the right resume development tells your story in a few seconds of scanning and preps the interviewer for why seeing you is to their advantage.

Individualize Your Marketing Plan. You are the CEO of yourself. Your product is you and must be marketed correctly. Professional career coaching demonstrates how to develop the tools (resume, cover letter, follow-up, etc.) to get the attention of the hiring managers, and outshine your competition in the targeted industries.

Manage Your Job-Search Campaign. Given the highly competitive environment, Henderson believes job-seekers should proactively research, contact employers, and manage the entire life cycle of the job search process. Henderson says a professional career coach works with each client to define screening criteria to identify potential employers, determine the optimal method of approach, and develop a strategy to maintain contact through to the job offers.

Prepare for Interviews. An interview in today’s competitive job market is a precious opportunity that demands thorough preparation. There is a very good reason to be this thorough in your job search preparation and follow-through. The average search for a professional or an executive normally takes approximately 8 months. The normal length of time for a job-hunter using this methodology is only 10 to 12 weeks to a job they actually wanted rather than settled for.

About the Author

During a career spanning over twenty years, Theodore Henderson has excelled as an articulate, organized, and successful business manager, entrepreneur, consultant, seminar leader, and speaker. He is a Five O’Clock Club™ trained career coach and is also the author of the exciting new book “The Wisdom Compass – Your 31 Day Journey to Wisdom-Filled Living.” Additionally, he has demonstrated a proven ability to build and maintain profitable, long-term relationships with a sophisticated client base. Henderson is also involved in youth leadership training and has taken a special interest in mentoring and tutoring urban youth and the disadvantaged. He is available for speaking engagements, book signings, and career coaching. Please email for information.

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