Press Release Wizard Debuts To Help Small Businesses Grow

Press Release Wizard Debuts To Help Small Businesses Grow

(  Press releases help businesses of all sizes attract attention through traditional news outlets and other reporting sources. Business owners that struggle with the creation of attention grabbing releases now have a new tool to streamline the process. The new Press Release Wizard ( takes the guess work and confusion out of formatting a proper news story about your business. This release could not have come at a better time as the demand for local marketing skyrockets.

A More Affordable Option

For decades, a business owner’s only options were to craft the press release themselves or hire a professional writer. Business copywriters can charge quite a hefty sum for a full press release. Businesses with monthly or even weekly events in need of announcing often can’t afford this many professionally written pieces. The Press Release Wizard makes it much easier to choose a newsworthy topic or change and create a full article for it. Each text box comes with plenty of explanation on what to include and how to format it. Even if you have never written a press release before, you can turn out something worth reading. Unlike other software and service options, the Press Release Wizard is free.

Complete Formatting

Many business owners become frustrated with the press release process because they don’t properly format their submission and have to deal with multiple rejections. At the top of the Press Release Wizard form are fields for a proper title and subtitle, and at the bottom of the page there are fields for contact information and company boilerplate. Without these elements, most news outlets simply can’t publish a release. The Wizard was designed specifically to address these issues and take a lot of extra research out of the process. These press releases are formatted for traditional media outlets, but they also work great for any online distribution services.

About Press Release Wizard

Press Release Wizard offers an easy to use, fill in the blanks form to help guide you through the press release writing process.  For more information, please visit Press Release Wizard at