Popular Speech Therapy Apps Reach Milestone of 50,000 Apps Sold

San Francisco, CA  (Profitable.com)  Speech with Milo apps have been enormously poplular since they were created one year ago by the innovative Speech-Language Pathologist, Poorani Doonan. She originally created the apps after using the iPad in therapy and realizing that there was a need for an app to build basic language skills. Getting to 50,000 apps sold was never a goal that Poorani thought she could achieve- she just wanted to create a useful app for kids getting speech therapy.

The Speech with Milo apps have been well-received by critics and reviewers, as they were selected as Best in Education by the Mobile Premier Awards and as #2 in Educational Apps by Babble.com. Poorani, however, attributes Speech with Milo’s success to the parents, teachers and SLP’s that have so enthusiastically supported Milo and friends. “The response never ceases to amaze me,” says Poorani.

Speech with Milo does not appear to be done changing the face of Speech Therapy. They just released an update to the Prepositions which includes ‘Therapy Ideas’ integrated into the tool. “Therapy Ideas was something that I originally started on our Facebook page because I wanted to provide people with useful tips three times a week. It was a natural fit to add it to the app. Now, anybody with our app can scroll through a bunch of good tips to use at home or in school. It will be in all our apps going forward.”

Speech with Milo also continues to stay busy on the development front as they are currently working on an Android version of Verbs. They also plan to release a brand new app on the iPad in December. Poorani declined to comment on the new app, saying only that she wants it to be a surprise.

The innovation is nothing new, but Poorani never thought that the apps would see such success. “I remember one of our first reviews was by AutismEpicenter.com. I was so surprised that we were reviewed in such a great blog. It made me confident that we could build great apps at low prices, and people would find them. Soon we had these amazing sites saying great things about our apps. There are too many to mention, but sites like the iPhoneMom.com were so happy with our apps that we decided to make more.” Recently, sites focused on SLP’s have detailed how they use Speech with Milo. “SpeechLanguageNeighborhood.com does an amazing job explaining how our app and others are used in therapy.” Poorani has also created her own videos for speech therapy apps explaining how she uses Milo in her private practice.

Poorani is very grateful for the support that Speech with Milo has received from parents, teachers, SLP’s and reviewers. “Emails that say ‘We love Milo’ are the greatest motivator we have. We hope to create many more.”

Speech with Milo offers six speech therapy apps. They offer english versions of Verbs, Prepositions, Sequencing, Interactive Storybook. Also offered are Verbs and Prepositions in Spanish.