PLAYTIME and Sesame Workshop Create Active Play Experiences with Sesame Street Characters

PLAYTIME and Sesame Workshop Create Active Play Experiences with Sesame Street CharactersPLAYTIME LLC, the global provider of unique, interactive play areas, has entered into an exclusive licensing agreement with Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, to create molded Sesame Street indoor play areas for malls, shopping centers, retail outlets, and other locations. This exclusive licensing agreement provides PLAYTIME with the ability to offer select customers a powerful brand differentiator.

“Sesame Workshop is pleased to work with PLAYTIME, the recognized leader in providing unique play experiences to a wide variety of businesses and markets, to extend the Sesame Street experience,” said Peter van Roden, Sesame Workshop’s Vice President of Themed Entertainment. “We are committed to engaging children and their families in active, healthy, and fun play.”

“Sesame Street is the most evergreen, iconic children’s brand in the world,” says Mike Evans, PLAYTIME President and CEO. “It’s multi-ethnic, multi-lingual, and well known for its wholesome values. A Sesame Street branded play area provides an opportunity for a major customer to take advantage of this powerful branding and business differentiation opportunity within their marketplace.”

PLAYTIME is actively seeking partner(s) to work together on a multi-year rollout of Sesame Street branded indoor play areas. In preparation for this, the PLAYTIME and Sesame Street design teams are working closely together to develop preferred design concepts.

“Creating Sesame Street branded play areas will be an exciting undertaking for us,” continued Evans. “We are looking to align our design and manufacturing capabilities together with the right partner committed to a significant number of locations nationwide.”

PLAYTIME’s Sesame Workshop licensing agreement provides a long-term leasing structure, allowing a partner to obtain an iconic branded play area without the typical upfront capital costs associated with a traditional purchase. The arrangement also enables the partner to bring in third party national or community sponsors to enhance the economics of adding this customer friendly amenity.

PLAYTIME is dedicated to providing active, healthy play experiences for the whole family. The playground manufacturer creates colorful, soft-sculpted foam play elements that nurture kids and their imaginations. Safe and durable, PLAYTIME’s smooth finish materials are naturally antibacterial, ensuring a healthy play environment for kids of all ages.


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