Philadelphia Area Long Term Care Provider Friends Life Care Announces Fall Vital Aging Workshops

Friends Life Care’s overall mission is to help people age vitally in their homes, which they accomplish for 97% of clients with a highly unique, care- focused long term care protection plan. The organization promotes holistic approaches to maintaining healthy, active living for their clients through its proprietary program, VigR™ (pronounced vigor)-a proactive research based offering created to help members strengthen and extend their mental and physical health and resilience. In an outreach effort to help Baby Boomers and older adults in the Philadelphia area and Delaware, they have opened the enrollment in the Enrichment Workshop series to the general public.

“VigR stands for vitality, independence, growth and resilience, qualities that we know are essential to healthy aging. We feel strongly that combined, they can help prevent the effects of chronological aging” comments Elise Lamarra, Vice President of Clinical Operations. The 2011 fall workshops provide relevant, timely, cutting- edge information and tools, to support that goal.

Teaching courses are leaders in their fields looking to explore new perspectives, generate powerful insights, and help attendees discover exciting new potentials by going through diverse topics – from physical fitness to navigating transitions in the second half of life. For time challenged schedules, Friends Life Care designed 3 new single session, 1.5 hour workshops, taught over lunchtime or at the end of the business day with wine and cheese. Other interactive multi-session programs cover topics such as, Improving Sleep for Better Health, Finding Meaning and Energy at any Stage in Life, Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation, Nutrition Myth Busters, and Exercise: A Prescription for Vitality. The full course book and registration can be seen on the corporate website.

“When it comes to aging, many of us don’t realize what we don’t know. Learning can be a life-long challenge, and some of the topics and issues covered in the Enrichment Workshops have the potential to actually stave off the effects of the aging process. The possibility is powerful!” said Carol Barbour, President of Friends Life Care.

For aging adults, planning for their long term care is no longer an option, it is essential. According to a CRS Report for Congress, the average life expectancy for someone aged 65 is more than 18 additional years. In light of longer life spans and the constantly changing US economy, it is more critical than ever to have a plan in place, for both fiscal and personal peace of mind. “Without a long term care protection plan of some sort, the out- of- pocket costs for one medical situation or chronic illness could potentially put a gigantic dent in or completely exhaust a person’s entire life savings” says Carol Barbour. “Medicare is extremely limited in what it covers for long term care, but people do not realize that”, furthers Barbour.

About Friends Life Care

Friends Life Care offers a unique, affordable alternative or supplement to long-term care insurance and continuing care retirement communities. Designed to help individuals and couples remain at home and independent as they age, customizable membership plans from Friends Life Care help members protect their savings and prepare for the unexpected, while providing innovative options to help increase their vitality and longevity. Unlike long-term-care insurance, the Friends Life Care team of highly credentialed Care Coordinators arranges and supervises all the services you need. Members have no claim forms to file and no reimbursements to wait for. Friends Life Care spares members and their loved ones the enormous stress, cost and uncertainty of locating and managing reliable, qualified care on their own. The emphasis on prevention and attention to the whole person distinguishes Friends Life Care’s philosophy toward independent aging. For more information, please visit or call 215-628-8964.