New Non-Pharmacological Strategy to Combat Alzheimer’s Disease, Photographic Journeys, Seeking Participants in Preliminary Study

Photographic Journeys, the memory therapy recently featured on Jacqueline Marcell’s ‘Coping With Caregiving’ show, is making strides through the marketplace as a modality to help reorient seniors and reduce agitation in those experiencing memory loss. Ready to meet the market, Moving Pictures, Inc. is prepared to take Alzheimer’s and dementia research to the next level with non-pharmacological strategies.

Photographic Journeys Cognitive Therapy is accepting participants in a preliminary trial of this proprietary therapy, seeking funding from the Alzheimer’s Association International Research Grant Program. Non-pharmacological approaches do not rely on medication to change behavior or cognition (but may be used in conjunction with pharmacological methods), instead employing therapies and other methodological strategies to improve the treatment of the disease.

Bridging audio-visual stimulation technologies, this modality has been highly effective in reducing the stress of memory loss. Photographic Journeys has received high praise from the health and eldercare communities, who were stunned that this has not been used before. Grown children who suffer alongside their parents when their parents’ memories fade have seen renewed hope as this therapy helps improves their parents’ ability to recognize them and call their children by name. As the CEO can attest, users are incredibly happy with this memory care product, approaching him on the street in tears to tell him what a difference this product has made for their family. Developed to help people with memory loss reduce stress and anxiety, Photographic Journeys also has a positive effect on self-identity.

Designed to take people on a photographic journey through their own life in order to help reorient seniors, reduce agitation, and aid recall, this composite therapy can be used in combination with regular treatment, or on its own. Ask your doctor if Photographic Journeys could help you. If you or someone you know could benefit from using Photographic Journeys, please contact journeys2remember(at)live(dot)com or call 877-459-4004. You may also visit the website at