New Kobo eReader Touch Edition Offering Best-in-Class Features Now Available at Borders

The reviews are in. The new Kobo eReader Touch Edition is the perfect choice for consumers who are looking for a book-like reading experience and want the very best features available — for less money. Now available on and in select Borders stores beginning tomorrow, June 17 for just $129.99 ($10 cheaper than the next leading device), the new Kobo eReader Touch offers an amazing new touch experience that is similar to reading and turning the pages of a real book.  The small, lightweight design provides the ultimate in reading comfort, and fits in a purse or jacket pocket for easy travel. The new eReader offers the best combination of innovation, cutting-edge technology, readability, portability and also offers popular Kobo “Reading Life”— where users can win awards just for reading.

Features and More Features

  • Just Like Reading a Real Book Only Better: The inexpensive new Kobo eReader, priced at less than $130, offers a comprehensive variety of features customers won’t find on any other device at this price. Features include the latest generation e-Reader technology; storage of up to 30,000 books with expandable memory; a beautiful new design with a signature quilted back providing the ultimate in reading comfort; and an intuitive one-touch display that makes navigation, reading and shopping a snap.

Plus, the new eReader is available in several stylish colors including black, white, lilac and blue (blue is available at Borders after Father’s Day). In addition, it’s also the only international device on the market — the German, Spanish and French versions are launching soon. Readers will be able to enjoy a localized user experience, local content, and recommendations.

  • Provides the Ultimate in Reading Comfort: At just seven ounces, the new Kobo eReader Touch Edition is the smallest, most compact reader on the market. Lightweight and thin — it fits comfortably in a pocket or jacket and travels virtually everywhere.
  • Designed For Readers: The new eReader is also the first to be powered by the new Freescale 508 processor, a high performance engine designed to enable fast page turning for electronic paper displays. With the intuitive touchscreen design, readers can highlight phrases, lookup words, zoom into images, increase the font size, and quickly navigate through a book as well as their entire library. The new eReader’s virtual keyboard makes it easy to navigate the eReader and find the book that they are looking for. Plus, the new predictive search feature automatically offers suggestions that match their query – before they’re even done typing.
  • Great for Reading Anywhere:  The perfect summer and beach-reading accoutrement, the eReader features a no-glare 6-inch touchscreen powered by latest-generation Pearl eInk display that provides text that is crisp and clear, even in bright sunlight.
  • A Unique Social Reading Experience: The new Kobo eReader is the only eReader to offer Reading Life, the industry’s most advanced social eReading platform. Reading Life enables readers to gain insight into their reading habits with Reading Life Stats, which tracks the minutes per reading session, the number of pages they’ve turned, plus provides an overview of books completed in their library. Readers can get  fun and exciting awards just for reading — and connect and share those awards with their friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Access to Millions of Titles with WiFi

In addition to these features, readers can also enjoy access to the Kobo bookstore, one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive digital libraries. With the Kobo eReader Touch Edition, customers can easily connect via WiFi or USB to access over 2.3 million books, including over a million free titles, as well as newspapers and magazines from the Kobo Store at, accessible via Notably, readers can also borrow and read books from their local libraries.

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