New Dieting Breakthrough: Slimming Stones Energy Crystals Suppress Hunger, Boost Willpower and Reduce Cravings So You Lose Weight

The newest sensation in weight loss requires no dangerous pills, nothing to shake or sprinkle, not even a fast or cleansing regimen, instead it suggests the key to life-changing weight loss lies in a simple, mind-changing remedy.

A practical, 100% natural alternative to fad diets, Slimming Stones™ are a trio of energy crystals that empower people to stay focused and in control of their own health. Each stone provides the emotional and physical support needed to lose unwanted pounds. Not available in stores, Slimming Stones are currently sold online at

Experts agree that successful weight loss requires a healthy attitude as well as a sensible diet. Recent studies from Harvard University suggest that those who stay positive about eating right lose more weight and keep it off.  Each Slimming Stone provides an ounce of support when and where it is needed.  An added benefit — Slimming Stones are energy-fueled crystals mined from the ancient depths of the earth. These gemstones contain special properties, and, when touched, release powerful energies to suppress hunger, boost metabolism and aid digestion.

Every set of Slimming Stones includes exclusive Feel Great, Lose Weight Tips™ – easy, mind-changing steps. By holding one, or all three Slimming Stones to take your mind off cravings, visualize success, or prepare to enjoy a healthy meal, you can instantly renew commitment, suppress hunger and boost self confidence.  With each rub of the fingers the motivation to eat healthy and the energy to lose weight is, literally, in the palm of your hand.

The benefits of quartz crystals are widely accepted by scientific communities. Their unique energy properties are part of everyday life – crystals are the primary power source for everything from time pieces, computers and mobile phones to medical devices, even lasers. And, research conducted by the world’s prominent scientists suggests that the energy found in crystals can biologically affect our bodies.

Anyone who wants to lose weight permanently needs to take personal responsibility, lose the issues and gain the confidence to take control of their own health.  Slimming Stones remind people to think through and change attitudes that stall success. When used daily, their organic properties can help cleanse the mind of the negative thoughts that can contribute to overeating and replenish them with positive life-changing energy.