My Personal DataSafe Helps Potential Hurricane Victims with Disaster Preparedness

My Personal DataSafe is vital new online tool in accessing critical information before and after a disaster. Utilizing patent-pending personal information management (PIM) software that provides the subscriber ability to enter medical and insurance information as well as upload copies of birth certificate, passports and deeds. Additionally, they can itemize and upload a video of their household inventory.

The Red Cross Hurricane Safety Checklist recommends people keep copies of personal documents for disaster preparation. They state the following as the minimum amount of personal information a family should have available, “medication list and pertinent medical information, proof of address, deed/lease to home, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies.”

The FEMA Disaster Supplies Checklist further expands on the Red Cross list. They recommend having copies of the following: “marriage certificates, driver’s license, social security cards, wills, household inventory, bank and credit card numbers and emergency contacts.”

While these recommendations of having hard copies are valid, they can be lost or destroyed during a disaster. My Personal DataSafe takes disaster preparedness to a new level by allowing subscribers to enter and upload personal information to be stored and available online in a state of the art, encrypted site with the ability to share the information with family, friends and professional advisors.

In preparing for a disaster people have a lot to worry about such as what they should be doing or what supplies and information they need to have available. My Personal DataSafe provides peace of mind knowing that they will be able to access their critical information when they need it.

After reviewing the My Personal DataSafe software a doctor in Tampa, FL stated, “I had a new patient that was displaced from Hurricane Katrina who had lost all of her medical records. A subscription to My Personal DataSafe would have allowed her to easily create a report with all her medical information.”

Disaster preparedness is a discipline which involves being prepared for a disaster before it occurs. Disasters can occur with little or no warning – don’t get caught unprepared. My Personal DataSafe provides the platform to prepare for disaster before it occurs and is available for an initial annual subscription fee of $99.99 and an annual renewal of $59.99. A free 30 day trial is available by at the website

About My Personal DataSafe

My Personal DataSafe © ( is a revolutionary patent-pending personal information management (PIM) software. As a subscriber enter and update personal, medical, financial, legal and insurance information online to a state of the art, encrypted site with the ability to authorize complete or partial access to advisors, physicians or family members. Personal information can then be retrieved conveniently from a variety of custom report options. My Personal DataSafe is available on an annual subscription basis and offers subscribers a 30 day free trial.