Mena Travel International Partners with JetUs to Supply Private Jet Services

Mena Travel International, a Miami-based affiliate of American Express Travel, which specializes in leisure, corporate, cruise and wholesale travel since1943 has partnered with JetUs to provide its extensive list of clients with an option for private charter. JetUs technology is a direct correlation and joint venture between JetUs, LLC and Sabre Travel Network, the world’s leading travel and collaboration management solution. Mena Travel is recognized for its leading industry experience, rates and superior service to destinations worldwide.

JetUs is a web-based reservation tool that provides a fully integrated system, and works with only the highest safety rated operators that have been vetted by independent 3rd party safety auditors. This system allows booking a charter to be a much more efficient and less time consuming process. With so many commercial airline routes being cut, an option that once seemed so expensive will actually save executive’s time and money and allow them to fly in and out of their destinations with ease.

Mena Travel customers will now be able to shop the charter market and instantly find, book, and manage private charter services through the use of this secure web-based tool. This partnership is a very exciting new venture for both companies to open their doors to the Hispanic community to introduce the luxury of chartering a private jet. This relationship will introduce charter as a viable option to an untapped customer base and change the way people view and purchase charter services.

About Mena Travel International

A family-owned and operated business now in its fourth generation, Mena Travel International has played an integral part in the Hispanic travel industry for over 65 years. Mena Travel started off as a small retail operation and has since evolved into a major tour operator well known throughout the community. Since 2009, Mena Travel has been an American Express Travel Representative accepting membership rewards points for card holders and the offering the full-range of American Express travel services. Mena Travel International originated in Havana, Cuba in 1943 and in 1962 moved its offices to Miami, Florida. Most recently they relocated to 3907 SW 67 Avenue in Miami, FL 33155.

About JetUs, LLC.

JetUs LLC, headquartered in Miami Beach, Florida, is a full-service online marketplace where best-in-class, safety-rated operators are matched with qualified private aviation customers. Launched in 2010, JetUs provides passengers with a dynamic reservation search engine tool for global private air travel, allowing users to instantly receive multiple price quotes from multiple private jet operators for any type of trip around the world.

Designed specifically with corporate travel in mind, JetUs uses the most sophisticated search and booking technology, providing travel managers with the ability to review aircraft photos, access safety/quality ratings, purchase and manage every detail of the trip – all in one place. The JetUs solution only delivers quality private aircraft that have been audited by third-party expert safety organizations such as ARGUS and Wyvern. Supporting the organization are experienced JetUs travel advisors and customer advocates that are available to assist 24/7/365.