Make Your Social Media Message Heard

Make Your Social Media Message Heard

Twitter averages more than 500 million tweets per day and it isn’t even the most popular social network around. How are you supposed to be heard when that much clutter is clogging the system?

Unless you’re a celebrity, it’s unlikely that your social media posts will be shared millions of times. Luckily, you don’t need millions of shares. What you do need is your target audience to find your posts, love them and share them. By following a few key strategies and being patient, even the smallest of companies can ensure their message is heard.

Word Economy

Social media was built for convenience. People want information that’s quick to read and easy to digest. Your audience doesn’t have the time, attention span or desire to read your latest essay. While there is a place for long-form writing in your marketing plan, social media isn’t it. Keep your posts short, sweet and meaningful.

More Isn’t Better

Posting more isn’t always the best approach. In fact, excessive posting can cause your audience to tune you out. You need to strike a balance between posting enough to stay relevant and not so much that you annoy your audience. Keep your posts on point and don’t flood your followers with useless information.

Actively Listen To Your Audience

Do you remember that time you were introduced to the blowhard who wouldn’t stop talking about themselves? Don’t be that person.

Whether somebody is asking you a question, raising a concern or just saying hello, respond in a timely manner. Be courteous, apologize when necessary and help when you can. People like companies that listen and respond to their concerns.

Analyze, Analyze, Analyze

There are more social media analysis software tools than you can throw a stick at. You can analyze everything from sentiment to engagement to who your top influencers are. Use these to your advantage. You’ll be able to figure out the best time of day to post, the types of posts that get the most attention and which ones fall short of your goals. Over time, you’ll see what works and what doesn’t work. Use that information to shape your social media content strategy.

By staying patient, following through with a plan and keeping the above principles in mind, you’ll develop a loyal following of advocates who love what you share and love to share what you post.