LogoNerds.com Marks 20,000th Customer Milestone, Offers #1 Insider Tip on Logo Design

LogoNerds.com Marks 20,000th Customer Milestone, Offers #1 Insider Tip on Logo DesignBARRIE, Ontario  (Profitable.com)  Job losses and financial hardship have spurred increasing numbers of people to venture online to start businesses — and many of them are working with shoestring budgets. The phenomenon is fueling the growth of business-to-business service companies like LogoNerds.com (http://www.logonerds.com), which has just completed its 20,000th logo design project.

To mark the occasion, LogoNerds.com is offering up the number-one logo design rule the company follows, based on the LogoNerds.com designers’ experience creating ultra-affordable logos for thousands of small businesses: Keep it simple.

Simple, according to LogoNerds.com founder Joseph Messina, trumps complicated every time when it comes to logo design. “Overly elaborate color and designs can actually hurt your business by failing to leave a quick, accurate and lasting impression on your viewing audience,” Messina explained. “The more detail your logo has, the more information the viewer has to process. A logo should be memorable, and one of the best ways to make it memorable is to keep things simple.”

Messina points to companies whose logos are universally recognizable as proof of the LogoNerds.com logo design rule. Almost anyone can immediately picture the Nike, McDonald’s or Apple logos. The one thing they all have in common, says Messina, is their simplicity.

“Each of these giants has a very simple icon that can easily be reproduced at any size,” said Messina. “There are no unnecessary elements, just clean logo design that builds the companies’ brands rather than detracts from them.”

LogoNerds.com’s logo design expertise is applied every day by a team of designers dedicated to producing clean, simple, memorable logos for even the smallest of business start-ups. Recognizing that many new business owners just can’t afford to spend hundreds of dollars on custom logos, LogoNerds.com offers logo design packages starting at just $27 — and every LogoNerds.com package is priced under $100.

“We have intentionally set our prices low enough to be completely affordable by anyone,” Messina said. “Our in-house design team can produce highly professional, high-quality print and Web logos at a fraction of what most small business owners would expect to pay. That’s why we’re growing so rapidly. We appreciate the trust our customers place in us.”

To learn more about the LogoNerds.com custom logo design service and to view the company’s logo design portfolios, visit http://www.logonerds.com.