Local Businesses Experience Unprecedented Success With Digital Loyalty Kiosks

Businesses everywhere are realizing an increase of up to 500% on traditional mobile opt-in rates using iVisionMobile.com’s new TextEngage Loyalty Kiosk

Los Angeles, CA  (Profitable.com)  Hundreds of businesses across North America are experiencing unparalleled success with TextEngage, a new digital loyalty system that uses text messaging to reward customers and increase sales.  TextEngage is a new technology that was developed by iVision Mobile, a leading application provider for mobile marketing and communications.  Since the official product launch in January of this year, the TextEngage kiosk has been deployed at over 600 businesses including restaurants, retail establishments, convenience stores, hair salons and more.

TextEngage uses a customer’s mobile number to track check-ins and rewards, all while building an exclusive and valuable opt-in database for the business owner. The TextEngage screen display can be fully customized for any business.  Businesses can also activate a unique Auto-Engage feature which can send an automated text message offer to anyone that hasn’t checked-in to the kiosk for awhile.

“The TextEngage kiosk has been instrumental in our success over the past few months” explains Austin Rosen , owner of multiple Yo-Le Frozen Yogurt locations in South Florida.  “In a very short period of time, we’ve built a database of over 1,300 loyal opt-in customers who check-in regularly at our locations to earn their rewards,” he adds.  In addition to earning rewards, customers can also use TextEngage to instantly LIKE the business on Facebook which helps increase the business’ social presence.

“The TextEngage kiosk has been an absolute game changer for our mobile marketing company,” explains Omer Samiri , CEO of iVision Mobile.  “Businesses that would typically generate 50 opted-in contacts a month are now seeing those numbers jump to 300 and even more by using this new digital kiosk,” he continues.  The substantial increase in opt-in rates can be attributed to what Samiri calls, “an evolution in the checkout process, whereby consumers have grown accustomed to providing their mobile number for membership rewards at a business such as larger chains like Starbucks, Pavilions, Ralphs, and Staples, to name a few.”  For iVision Mobile’s customers, TextEngage has revolutionized the way they use mobile marketing and loyalty rewards for their business and has proven to be an integral piece of their customer retention strategy.

About iVision Mobile

iVision Mobile provides mobile marketing and communications software that empowers brands and agencies to engage consumers across a diverse range of industries from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Specific clients include NBA teams such as the Houston Rockets, Milwaukee Bucks, Indiana Pacers, and the Miami Heat, outdoor shopping and entertainment centers such as The Grove in Los Angeles, and national and global brands such as Philips, Comcast, and KFC. For more information, please visit www.iVisionMobile.com.