Launch Your Startup In 30 Days

Launch Your Startup in 30 Days

Sometimes there’s no way to wait any longer to launch a new product—or even an entire company. A 30 day launch might sound downright impossible, but MixedMade recently proved it was feasible if you and your team is willing to work harder than ever before. Morgen Newman had far more problems than solutions when he decided to commit to a 30 day launch window. However, sticking to some basic principles made the impossible become possible.

The company began with a single product, but that was enough to drum up a lot of interest and support. Pre-orders for Bees Knees Spicy Honey convinced Morgen and his team to stick with such a small window of time for their development and launch. Waiting months or even years to get the honey on the market would have likely cost them the excitement that was essential in capturing motivated buyers.

Now that he’s completed his goal, looking back at the project makes it easy for him to figure out why they were capable of doing so much work in such short period of time. For example, Morgen says that measuring sheer progress—rather than successes and failures—was crucial in helping them stay focused on what was most important. While they missed most of the deadlines they set when first beginning the project, they still reached the end goal because the setbacks didn’t discourage them.  Read the full story here.