Kindle Fire The Fastest Selling Tablet Computer of All Time?

There are some sneaky rumors going around that the Kindle Fire is selling like hotcakes. We all knew that it would.  It was long overdue, but these statistics are saying that it may even be the fastest selling Tablet computer of all time!

Amazon has been very busy behind the scenes creating what could only be their best selling Kindle to date. They needed to compete with the other color ereaders on the market. They were up against some very stiff competition from two competitors. Apple with the hugely popular iPad, and Barnes and Noble with their best selling Nook color.

Amazon is late to the color ereader game, but if these rumors are correct, Amazon has hit a game winning home run! When the Kindle Fire was first announced, it was almost expected to knock the Nook Color into oblivion. It has much more to offer, and it comes in at a lower price, but no one expected it to take on the all mighty iPad, which has been sitting in a league all its own.

There have been plenty of other tablet computers that have tried to bump the iPad, but none of them have even come close, until today. A leaked document has surfaced on the internet, and if what it is saying is true, then the Kindle Fire has sold faster than the iPad.

If the document is correct, Amazon has already sold over 250,000 Kindle Fires. That is around 2000 every single hour. The iPad sold roughly 300,000 on its first day. That included pre-orders. The Kindle Fire does not launch until November 15th, and if the pre-orders continue at this staggering rate, it will surpass the iPad and become the best selling tablet computer to date.

Hopefully Amazon can supply the demand and ship all of the pre-orders. If you were wondering what the Hot tech item would be this holiday season, it is obviously The Kindle Fire.


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