Just Poppin Popcorn Debuts New Holiday Gift Line

Just Poppin Popcorn Debuts New Holiday Gift LineNOKOMIS, FL  (Profitable.com)  Just Poppin Popcorn, the leading website for gourmet mushroom popcorn, announces the debut of their new holiday gift line. The gift line includes more than 30 items of unique and delicious gift ideas for the holidays. Shoppers can choose from a variety of beautiful, holiday themed popcorn tins, filled with a variety of decadent, flavored gourmet popcorn. Some of the flavors include delicious and buttery caramel popcorn, gourmet Cheddar Cheese popcorn, and even French Vanilla flavored popcorn! In addition to the holiday tins, Just Poppin also has a selection of popcorn accessories for holiday shoppers to choose from, including a stainless steel oil mister, “Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper”, popcorn toppings, popcorn seasonings, and more.

“As you’d expect, this is the busiest time of year for us,” said Buck Smolow of Just Poppin Popcorn. “Some of our biggest sellers so far have been the Mushroom Popcorn, Kernal Katcher Popcorn Bowls, Movie Popcorn and Carmel Popcorn! We not only sell the best popcorn, with huge mushroom sized kernels, but we also have many learning resources and tools on our web site that can teach you step-by-step how to make these things yourself from the comfort of your home. Being at home with your family is what the holidays are all about!”

With the holidays around the corner, Just Poppin encourages people to spend time at home with their friends and family, and enjoy delicious popcorn as an easy, healthy snack or party food. Then, any leftover popcorn can be used for kids’ arts and crafts or strung up and used as a decoration for the tree. Of course left over popcorn also makes great bird food for your little friends outside.

The new gourmet popcorn gift line can be found on the Just Poppin Popcorn website http://www.JustPoppin.com. Orders must be placed by December 19th to ensure proper delivery before Christmas.

About Just Poppin

JustPoppin.com is the leading website for the sale of gourmet mushroom popcorn kernels, hullless popcorn, popping sorgum, tiny kernel popcorn, and movie theater popcorn kernels. In addition to selling popcorn kernels for home, office, and business use. Just Poppin sells a variety of flavored popcorn in popcorn tins for holiday gift packs. They pop and flavor the corn right at the farm so it’s always fresh and delicious. Just Poppin’s owners have been selling online since 1998 and have outstanding ratings across their different sales venues. They are listed as “Very Trustworthy” by the online reputation ratings service TrustPlus. For More information about how Just Poppin Popcorn can be used for corporate gift giving or fund raising contact Buck Smolow at 941-234-4773 or visit their web site http://www.JustPoppin.com.