Judge It Live to Debut During Dancing with the Stars

A new website called Judge It Live makes its debut the week of Sept. 19th for the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars on ABC and the U.S. version of X Factor on FOX. According to site creator Dave Verhaagen, “Judge It Live is like the world’s biggest focus group.” Visitors who go to the site or download the application for mobile devices can judge selected live entertainment events in real time and compare their ratings to the other viewers.

As viewers watch a featured show, they turn a dial from 0 to 100 based on their enjoyment of the segment. If they love a performance or segment, they turn up the rating; if they don’t like it, they turn it down. A scrolling graph shows viewers how their tastes compare to other viewers. At the end of each show, viewers can scroll back over the entire show and see the highs and lows of the episode.

Beginning the week of September 19th, viewers can judge Dancing with the Stars and X Factor, but Andrew King, the website’s designer, says other shows are slated for judging later in the year. “We hope to have more than two dozen series and special events scheduled for the coming season,” King said.

For the past few years, the major networks have clearly desired to increase viewer participation during their live shows. NBC’s The Voice and the recent MTV Video Music Awards both used live reporters to give feedback about Twitter trends related to the show. Judge It Live allows the audience to see viewer feedback immediately and visually.

What will networks think about Judge It Live? “I think the networks will love it once they realize people will be watching their shows in real time and will be watching all their ads and sponsors,” Verhaagen said, noting, “In our testing, the biggest surprise we found is that people love rating the commercials — and their retention for what commercials they watched goes way up.”

Judge It Live debuts online on September 19th during the season premiere of Dancing with the Stars. Mobile apps will be available for iPod, iPad, and Android devices. To see the website ahead of time, go to http://www.judgeitlive.com.

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