Jovani: How an International Designer Becomes a Household Name

After over three decades in the fashion world, Jovani continues to be a rising star, burning brighter than ever

Los Angeles, CA  (  Whenever fashion critics sit down to discuss the top designers in the market today, one name is always on everyone’s lips: Jovani. This wildly popular international fashion house first opened its doors in 1980, and it quickly became a worldwide superstar for its diverse collection of designer dresses.

What, you may wonder, accounts for Jovani’s rapid ascent to the top of this extremely competitive industry? First and foremost is quality. Jovani understands success in the fashion world is a marathon, not a sprint; to make it, you have to make it in the long-term, and that means building a lasting reputation based on consistent quality. You can’t get away with peddling second-rate evening dresses and have it not eventually catch up to you – not in the age of the Internet. Rather than try to grab hold of some fleeting trend, the best and the brightest at Jovani have dug deep for originality, authenticity, and longevity. Their ideas stand the test of time, and that has made all the difference, especially in an industry where so many bright stars flame out in short order.

Another attribute that distinguishes Jovani from so many of its competitors is their team’s enduring commitment to a higher standard of customer care. These professionals don’t see themselves as factory workers standing by an assembly line, not caring what happens to their products once they ship out the door. These people are passionate about their products, and it matters to them that consumers appreciate and enjoy what ends up in their wardrobe. They are always eager to help prospective shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for, even if at first they don’t know even what they’re looking for.

Fashion is a very subjective topic; it is art, and like with any art, critics can and will disagree. Indeed, it’s rare to find much consensus. That is why it is so doubly impressive that critics stand shoulder-to-shoulder in support of Jovani, heaping an endless supply of lofty praise on this fashion house. Each new collection elicits rave reviews, but don’t expect the experts at Jovani to rest on their laurels any time soon.

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