Jollybuzz Launches Real Big in the Social Networking World Offering a Fantastic Mix of Business and Pleasure; Next Best Thing Standing Up to Facebook and Twitter

Jollybuzz Inc., ( emerges to be the exciting and newest cool in social networking. Powered by a revolutionary platform that was conceived, modified and polished for years, Jollybuzz was soft launched a few months ago for operational stability, functional effectiveness, ergonomics; and then voila, a new hub for real social integration and business networking was born!

A welcome quote on the homepage says “Jollybuzz is here to take away the boredom in social networking. It enables users do more than just sharing photos, music, videos and writing on walls … Jollybuzz is truly for sharing with real people and giving users ultimate resources to reach out. Members share and help each other get the best out of their dreams.” This networking system aims at providing a fine blend of cutting edge products and services that are useful in every sense.

With social media constantly improving and shaping the way people use the internet, Jollybuzz takes social networking up a notch by remodeling key elements that helps users connect more seamlessly with friends, family and cliques (private and public). Meeting new people and matchmaking are also now more exciting as people search is more flexible like in a dating system where members can search profiles by variables of interest.

Everybody can be the boss they really are on Jollybuzz because users can create and sponsor personal and private groups and clubs to relate with individuals with a common interest, passion or hobby. When a user picks an area of interest, searching and connecting with others or starting a network are just a couple of clicks away.

Members could also post products to the store and start selling or advancing their businesses online with premium business listing which features Google maps that directs customers straight to their doorsteps. The online store on Jollybuzz creates a shopping mall feel where users can browse, find and buy whatever they find interesting without visiting several other sites. Sellers also get the freedom to choose where they receive their payments directly from the customers.

The social networking industry being as dynamic as it is, it is wise to carve a niche rather than try to replace another system. With this insight, Jollybuzz rather than play down other players, weaved into its system a tool that helps users update their Facebook, Twitter and Jollybuzz status updates at once! This synchronized status updates can be set to update immediately or at a later time when members might have left their computer.

“Jollybuzz is a futuristic brand backed by awesome developers who constantly experiment on various components and ideas of the web with a view of bringing the best of what can be enjoyed now while looking ahead,” says Pam Martin, Planning Dept.

This is a brand new social experience that is also rewarding. Each action on the site is rewarded with points and members can optionally become affiliates where they easily earn commissions (in %) for paid membership upgrades of their referrals. “Having fun and making some quick cool cash at the same time sounds good to me!” says Pacesetter, Jollybuzz director.

Taking social networking to a whole new level, Jollybuzz is now publicly available and is steadily recording wide acceptance because it offers a lot more easy ways to keep in touch with or meet like minded people and it makes social and business networking more exciting and fun.

Whether using a PC or a mobile phone, Jollybuzz instantly connects users to a world where they will find all their friends and other people of like minds with whom there exists a shared basic interests. Members can choose to do private one-on-one chat or do group chats. Video chat and video commenting is also available for use to interact and express thoughts and opinions. Members can discuss in forums, attend events write on walls, upload and share files, post blogs, pictures, music, videos and create polls.

For most people, “life is a race, a struggle and a competition. Having the right tools and equipments would surely gives the user an edge. Jollybuzz is the next best thing in social and business networking which facilitates its members to create their own network of friends. This project is work in progress as mobile apps for android and iphones are incubating and almost ready for use. Desktop apps are also part of package designed to make this idea of social networking truly fun.”

Pacesetter Olayinka a company director said, “Success was a basic ingredient in the conception of Jollybuzz and it is only a matter of time for true quality to prevail.” With these words, people from all over the world are invited to be part of this global community that connects real people with other real people in a serene online atmosphere where there would have unlimited fun doing what they like to do online. Be part of the success story! (

About us

Jollybuzz Inc., is a division of Inxale International Ventures Ltd, a company which has been operating in the information and technology field for some years now serving as consultants to and supporting marketing firms. This parent company’s philosophy is inspirational to all as it states succinctly: “reach beyond your dreams!”