I Scream, You Scream, We All Google Ice Cream

I Scream, You Scream, We All Google Ice CreamOil prices threaten to spiral out of control.  Unemployment remains high.  Violence and protests enflame the Mideast.  Crisis and devestation rock the world. 

But on Sunday, April 3rd, for a brief moment in time, people from all walks of life around the internet stopped and came together to celebrate an important day in history.  Yes, the humble ice cream sundae, a dessert favorite that spans generations, has celebrated its 119th birthday.

If you’ve Googled today – and, c’mon, we all know you did – you were greeted with the latest Google Doodle, an ice cream sundae with two heaping scoops of ice cream making up the O’s in the search engine giant’s name.  Yes, it was Google who sent out the invitation for this grand birthday party, and the internet did rejoice.

Since its birth, the ice cream sundae has become a mainstay in the restaurant industry.  From the traditional ice cream sundae made up of a scoop of vanilla ice and topped with syrupy goodness, whipped cream and a cherry – to premium sundaes chock full of cookie and candy yummies – restaurants around the world offer up these frozen favorites to the delight of young and old alike.

Today, RestaurantNews.com joins in the celebration and takes a look at the delicious ice cream sundaes offered up by some of your favorite restaurants. 

Ice Cream Sundae Celebrates 119th Birthday, Still a Restaurant Favorite

Please don’t lick your monitor.