Hula Hoops Aren’t Just for Kids Anymore!

Hula Hoops Aren't Just for Kids Anymore!Hula hoops started a craze when they were first introduced to the public back in the 1950s. They quickly became a national phenomena. Today hula hoops are back with a different spin. Now they are being used as exercise equipment, and the beneficial results are stacked in their favor.

The hula hoops of today are a much different breed than the ones from the past. The newer style hoops are much larger and they are weighted. The weight has two benefits. It makes the hoops easier to get started and at the same time, the added weight adds to the workout giving your entire core a fat busting routine.

“The benefits of using a weighted hula hoop are huge!”, Says Julie Smith founder of “They are easy to use, and they are so much fun that you don’t even realize that you are working out. That is where the magic begins. Fun exercise has not existed until now. You know the old saying, time flies when your having fun!”

Hula hoops target one area that everyone wants to work on, the belly. They work every single muscle in your midsection. Days of doing boring old sit-ups and crunches are long gone. A hula hoop can tone the entire midsection.

Get a cardio workout and burn up the calories with one simple exercise tool. Using a hula hoop correctly can burn up to seven calories per minute. In one hour, over 400 calories can be erased from your body!

Julie Smith, a mother of two has become so wrapped up in hula hooping, that she wanted to spread the word about hooping, so she started Here you can find a wide assortment of different sized hula hoops as well as several how-to articles that will get you up and spinning in no time.

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