‘How to Train a Dragon’ Set for Sequel and TV Series


How to Train a Dragon hit theaters and was an instant hit. The bounce back movie for Dreamworks Animation, How to Train a Dragon brought great storytelling and blended it seamlessly with top shelf animation and a tremendous cast. Now that the movie has been released on DVD, (sales are already brisk) Dreamworks has ordered a sequel to the hit film and work has begun on a television series.

'How to Train a Dragon' Set for Sequel and TV Series

'How to Train a Dragon' Set for Sequel and TV Series

Historically, hit films have fared poorly in the television world. Over the years, Hollywood has struggled to find magic when it comes to downsizing a movie and making it a weekly series. However, recent hits, like The Clone Wars, from George Lucas, have pointed to the need to move away from live action and use animation to capture that attention of the viewing audience.

The series is slated for release in 2012 on the Cartoon Network, the same network that has thrilled fans with The Clone Wars. Both Dreamworks and Turner Broadcasting have said that they are thrilled with the new series and they both look forward to the release date. Fans of the show will delight in the sequences that are brought to light with the continuing adventures of Hiccup and Toothless.

The DVD release has been one for the books as well. How to Train a Dragon is flying off the shelves in most retail outlets. Some of the largest stores have said that they are having trouble keeping the movie in stock. The DVD has also been released on Blu-Ray in a two disc set with additional features and another film.

How to Train a Dragon is based on a book by Cressida Cowell and is the classic coming of age story. The central character, Hiccup, is a young Viking ready to take on the world. However, he bucks the system and decides to befriend the dragon he refers to as Toothless and then battles to save their worlds from destruction.

Some big Hollywood names lend their voices to humans and dragons alike in this feel good film. Gerard Butler, Craig Ferguson, and America Ferrera round out the cast of well known folks in this film, most often providing comic relief to a story that has delighted all ages from the time it was released.

The DVD set includes featurettes that will certainly delight the fans of the book series as well as the film. The behind the scenes footage of those who are voicing the characters will bring a smile to any face as you watch the Hollywood actors bring the film to life.

The 16 minute short based on the book series is also lots of fun. Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon comes directly from the Cowell book series and adds even more to this impressive DVD set.

Fans from around the world are sure to be thrilled with the DVD or Blu-Ray set that is being sold in stores around the world. This will be coupled with the television series that many believe will be a surefire hit with all who enjoyed the movie.