“Hope For Yuliya” Chronicles One Family’s Adoption Journey

"Hope For Yuliya" Chronicles One Family's Adoption JourneyGainesville, GA  (Profitable.com)  With the cost of an out-of-country adoption reaching over $30,000 in many cases, one Georgia family has turned to the internet for help with funding. Their “Hope for Yuliya” blog chronicles their decision to adopt a child, their experiences hosting a girl from the Ukraine and videos and photos of the family meeting their newest member. Rhonda and Don McAndrew, along with their three children, are embarking on a journey to adopt a 15 year old girl from the Ukraine. The family has completed almost all of the steps they can in America to prepare, including their home study to ensure their home is a safe and nurturing place and the $900 I 600A form. However, the most expensive part of the project is yet to come, and they are asking for online donations from anyone who feels touched by their story.

Rhonda and Don’s decision to adopt the 15 year old Yuliya was determined by their faith. Even though they have 3 children currently living at home, they wanted to help the girl as soon as they read her story. Girls in Ukrainian orphanages are at serious risk as they reach their teenage years. At 16 children must leave the orphanages and try to make it on their own. Unfortunately, poor education leaves them without the skills they need to find work. This means that most children turn to crime or prostitution in order to survive. Yuliya will turn 16, and age out of the orphanage, this October. She has only 2nd or 3rd grade reading and math skills. Without help she’ll become another exploited child on the streets of the struggling East European country.

While they can’t help all of the millions of abandoned and orphaned children in countries like China, Russia and the Ukraine, the McAndrews family wants to help Yuliya. Rhonda has turned to blogging as a way to record her thoughts and feelings throughout the process, but also to share the story. She’s also hoping that at least a few of the readers who come are inspired to give a donation. The family is preparing for the trip to the Ukraine to finalize the adoption. It will involve weeks of air and train travel, hotel stays, and payments for facilitators and translators. The adoption fee itself is also expensive. Without help, this final step of the adoption process won’t be completed.

The family has set up a donation page through Eli Project, a Christian-based adoption website. The page allows them to collect tax-deductible donations and ensures that all of the money goes to the adoption. They’re hoping to fill in the gaps between donations with more car washes, bake sales and other fund raisers like the ones they used to earn the $4000 they’ve already put into the adoption process. While the McAndrews aren’t the only family blogging about their adoption experience, they hope that the documentation encourages other families to consider adopting or at least help them with their goal.

For more information, please visit the Hope for Yuliya blog at http://bringingyuliyahome.blogspot.com/.