Homeowners Consumer Center Urges Congress to Resurrect the Home Buyer Tax Credit for All Qualified Home Buyers to Jump Start the U.S. Real Estate Markets & Employment

The Homeowners Consumer Center is one of the premier advocates for homeowner protection, and corporate responsibility in the United States.The Homeowners Consumer Center says, “We do not have time for the November 2012 elections for the U.S. Congress to get innovative about job creation, and or stabilizing a vital part of the US economy-our residential real estate markets. Our proposed Home Buyer Tax Credit initiative would not only dramatically impact our residential real estate markets in a meaningful way, it would also put tens of thousands of U.S. Citizens back to work in the private sector.” The group says,”We cannot afford to allow our U.S. residential real estate markets to decline, or flounder any longer, and we say Congress needs to move forward with this legislation right away.” The group says, “As opposed to one of President Obama’s Shovel Ready Jobs Gambles, a congressionally sponsored robust, U.S. residential real estate federal tax credit initiative would produce an instant positive effect for the floundering U.S. economy, and it would be enormously helpful in stabilizing the U.S. residential real estate markets. If we will not get meaningful economic ideas from the Obama Administration, or the White House, we are urging U.S. House Speaker Boehner, and his congressional colleagues to step up to the plate with something that will work. However, to really work the program must include all types of residential real estate buyers, including investors, and we think the tax credit should be $15,000 per house.” http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

The Homeowners Consumer Center says, “The average U.S. citizen is tired of Politics as usual in Washington,DC. Our suggested U.S. Residential Real Estate Tax Credit legislative initiative will put real estate agents, home inspectors, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, contractors, and all types of people back to work, as well as doing something dramatic to stabilize the US residential real estate markets.We have just a couple of simple requests with respect to this legislation, we want a up, or down vote, with no earmarks, or additions, and we have one other strong suggestion-only qualified individuals can participate in this program. In other words if you cannot afford to buy a house, or afford to make the monthly payments, this program does not apply to you.” http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

The Homeowners Consumer Center is warning, “In the June 2005 edition of Money Magazine one of our affiliated groups warned that the U.S. real estate market was about to have a train wreck, because of bank , and homebuilder appraisal fraud. We were 100% correct. We are now warning if the U.S. House of Representatives does not step up to the plate, and enact robust residential real estate home buyers tax credit legislation our real estate markets, and our economy could be going places no one wants to go. We have millions of US home foreclosures that are sitting empty. These need to get sold, to families, or investors now.” The group says, “Its pretty obvious President Obama, and his Administration do not have a clue with respect to creating jobs. Our Residential Real Estate Tax Credit Initiative will not only help stabilize the U.S. residential real estate markets, it will put, tens, and tens, of thousands of U.S. citizens back to work in the private sector, and it will pay for itself. This is a win-win for the U.S. economy, but the Congress, and its leaders need to move on this now, before its too late.” http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com