Green Business Bureau Announces Addition of Local Community Activist to PR Department

The Green Business Bureau welcomes the newest addition to its staff: Maria-Elisa Heg, a local community organizer and activist with the Montrose Land Defense Coalition

HOUSTON  (  The Green Business Bureau recently brought Maria-Elisa Heg on board to handle public and media relations. Ms. Heg has extensive experience in dealing with local Houston media on environmental issues.

After graduating from Rice University in 2009, Ms. Heg co-founded the Montrose Land Defense Coalition, a local grassroots campaign to foster sustainable urban development and business practices in the Montrose area. Ms. Heg and the Coalition have been featured on Channel 39, the Houston Chronicle, real estate blog, and other publications in the Houston area. Her efforts with the Coalition have generated success dialoging with Texas-based grocer HEB regarding their attention to the needs of the Montrose community, with particular attention to urban development sustainability issues.

Alongside a team of Rice interns, Heg and Cordero seek to increase the degree to which green business initiatives have an impact on local communities and businesses as well as those nationwide. Combining grassroots experience with a belief in the importance of responsible business practices, Heg is “very much looking forward to working with Marcos and the team. I think we can make a huge impact here in Houston and beyond – but Houston is a really wonderful place to start strengthening the importance of environmental responsibility in our current business practices and accepted paradigms. It’s a new frontier.”

Cordero shares the general enthusiasm, “The GBB is excited to bring Ms. Heg’s young, dynamic voice to public relations. Her proven ability to generate interest in causes that are aligned with what we are doing here at the GBB makes her a great asset to our team.”

Cordero and Heg recently sat down and discussed what the Montrose Land Defense Coalition brings to the table at the Green Business Bureau, and how Heg feels about the future of the green economy and entering into the green business sector. You can watch the interview here.

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