GPS City Surpasses 2 Million Views Of Their Product Videos

GPS City today announced that they’ve reached a major milestone of over 2 million views on their product videos. With 17 years in the GPS marketplace, GPS City, known for its consumer GPS expertise and its commitment to its customers, has handcrafted more than 700 exclusive videos to assist GPS users worldwide. Drawing up to 5,000 views per day, GPS City’s videos have become a valued resource among everyday consumers as well as GPS enthusiasts.

“Our videos continue to gain momentum,” said Brenton Wingard, Vice-President of Operations. “We pioneered the introduction of GPS product videos in October 2008 to provide additional support to our customers. In turn, our customers’ continued support and involvement has helped our video page evolve into a knowledge base of over 700 videos. With 2 million video views, we’re just getting started.”

GPS City’s videos include how-to guides, product comparisons, installation tips, setup instructions, mounting options, ‘In the Box’ and exclusive first looks at new GPS products. The company’s most popular video, an overview of the Garmin Forerunner 305, has garnered more than 65,000 hits since it’s debut. Almost two years later, the video continues to draw daily viewers. The RAM Mount videos are also very popular with the motorcycle mount for the Garmin Zumo 660 having received over 23,000 hits. GPS City’s videos cover automotive, fitness, motorcycle, golf, marine, outdoor and handheld GPS devices as well as compatible mounting systems and GPS accessories.

In May 2011, GPS City was the first company to offer a detailed look inside Garmin’s brand new GPS series, the Montana 600, 650 and 655t. Within a week of Garmin’s announcement, GPS City posted 30 videos highlighting new features and comparing the Montana to other popular Garmin series like the Dakota and Oregon. The exclusive first look came a month before the product’s June release date. Today, GPS City’s 46 videos provide a 360 degree view of the Garmin Montana. A customer favorite, the videos have attracted over 90,000 views in 9 weeks. Following the success of the Montana videos, GPS City is set to release exclusive first looks of the new Garmin Rino 610, 650, 655t and the new Garmin eTrex 10, 20, 30.


GPS CITY (along with its Canadian counterpart GPS CITY CANADA in Calgary, Canada) is a leading online retailer of GPS products, accessories and mounting systems since 1994. Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, GPS CITY has become a top seller of Garmin and other popular GPS brand names including Lowrance, Magellan, TomTom and SPOT and is the largest stocking dealer of RAM Mount products in North America.