Going Viral: What You’re Missing

Going Viral: What You're Missing

With the explosive growth and popularity of online marketing, nearly every company is searching for the secret to going viral. Every marketing blog and website promises to hold the secret, but too many marketers are overlooking one crucial fact that controls the success of any marketing campaign. Conversations on the web are great but they don’t count for everything. In fact, 90% of conversations between consumers aren’t online at all.

Consumers are still looking for recommendations and tips from their friends and family members. While this sounds like the perfect reason to use Facebook as your main marketing platform, it’s not enough to get your material in front of people and hope they share it. Finding a way to insert yourself into the conversations going on offline seems to be the key to going viral online, as conflicting as those two concepts sound.

Online brand impressions are great, but not as useful as real conversations. Consumers are savvy at spotting advertisements and marketing efforts. Even when you disguise your messages as genuine buzz, it can’t compare to the power created by conversations taking place in real life. Focus on methods for getting the word spread by creating exciting stories that get mentioned off the cuff in chats between friends.

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