Get In Shape For Women Set for Widespread Growth

Needham, MA  (  Last year Get In Shape For Women–a fast-growing women’s fitness franchise that offers small group personal training and nutrition support–opened 34 new locations across the U.S. Plans for continued growth in 2012 call for 45 studios to open with a primary focus in the northeast.

With 94 studios currently open in 18 states, Get In Shape For Women has come a long way since the first studio opened in 2006. Future growth plans call for 100 more units to open in 2013 with an additional 200 units to open each year starting in 2014 until the company reaches its eventual goal of opening 5,000 locations worldwide.

Immediate growth plans focus on New Jersey, where 10 new locations are expected to open this year, adding to the nine studios already in operation in the state. The company plans to add more than 60 locations in the state over the next three years. The new locations opening over the next year will serve but are not limited to Wayne, East Brunswick, Morristown, Princeton and Westwood.

Strategic markets throughout portions of New York will also be targeted for growth, with 30 new locations planned to open by 2015. The first location in New York is expected to open this year.

Get In Shape For Women is also rolling out an Area Growth Representative Model and seeking area developers to oversee and support groups of 10 studios as the franchise moves toward widespread growth across the U.S.

“We’re excited to be reaching exponential growth,” said Brian Cook, founder and CEO of Get In Shape For Women. “We’re confident that the overwhelming success we’ve seen in states like Massachusetts and New Jersey will follow us throughout the U.S. as we open new locations.”

Get In Shape For Women seeks to transform the lives of women with a business model focused entirely on results. Personal trainers help clients set a measurable goal and the client is held accountable for reaching it, with weight and body-fat percentage checked every two weeks. For more information, visit