German Proxy List For Web Anonymity Released By idcloak Technologies

idcloak has launched its German proxy list: a collection of IP proxies that are available for free public access, allowing users to reroute their internet connection through a Germany-based proxy server.

Dallas, TX  (  idcloak Technologies this week announces the release of its German Proxy List, a free, searchable database of daily proxies that operate German IP addresses. When a user selects a proxy and applies its IP address and port number to their browser’s settings, all browsing is routed to a new location in Germany, and the user may access the internet as if physically based there. This internet re-routing serves multiple purposes, which include:

Maintaining home internet experience when abroad. Travellers can connect back to home soil so the language and advertisements they find online are not affected by their foreign location.

Bypassing censorship. If internet sites are blocked on a user’s connection, an unblock proxy will bypass the restrictions and allow full, unhindered access to the web.

Maintaining anonymity on the web. Privacy-conscious users employ proxies to hide their IP address, and therefore geolocation, from websites they visit and people they email.

Shopping around. Web proxies allow users to bypass geographical prejudices commonly found in the pricing of online shops.

idcloak’s Director of Marketing, Gill-Chris Welles, welcomes the addition of German proxy servers to the firm’s already extensive IP proxy list, “German proxies are typically much faster, safer and more reliable than those from other European countries; they are only rivalled in performance by US proxies. We are very pleased to support these new contributors to the public proxy community.”

The idcloak IP proxy list allows users to filter according to specific criteria such as proxy protocol, level of anonymity and speed. Once customized, the list can then be sorted by IP address, which means proxies are grouped according to city of origin. “Our design allows users to very quickly bring up all public proxies not only in Germany, but in, for example Stuttgart or Berlin. A user from Stuttgart may not want to reveal by email that he is currently out of the country, or just in a different city. All he would need to do is access a Stuttgart proxy before logging on to his web email and it would appear he’d never left home.”

On the German proxy page at, users are recommended to select proxies that have been tested in the last few hours by the site’s automatic proxy checker. This is due to the trend towards short lifespans that German proxies exhibit. is a Dallas-based web services firm whose remit is to deliver improved security and privacy to the everyday user.